Path of Exile


Path of Exile's open beta dated

Phil Savage at

Grinding Gear have announced the date for the open beta of their free-to-play Diablo-ish ARPG-cum-MMO, Path of Exile. While the developers had originally targeted a December 2012 date - and actually believe they can have the game ready this month - they've decided to delay until after the new year, when staff will be back from their Christmas break.

Walk the Path of Exile during the public stress test weekend

Gavin Townsley at

Weekends were designed for relaxation, catching up on chores, and dicing up the various spawn creeping out of the underworld. Path of Exile can help with two of these. The dark-and-bloody action RPG is throwing its first public event and that means you're just a click away from hours of demon-slaying entertainment at the beautiful price of free.

Witch! Destroy dungeons with Path of Exile's new playable class

Evan Lahti at

Hail, traveler! You seem the adventuring sort. Pause your passage through our website village, and look: a dungeon lies before you. You're not just going to sit there and let it lie uncrawled, hmm? Not when we have a new, magic-throwing girl for you to use to purge its dark citizens, surely.

We've already had hands-on with Path of Exile. It's dark. It's good. And it'll be free. Today, we reveal a new class: the Witch. Sorcery-filled interview and video within.