American McGee's latest Kickstarter is in trouble

Perry Vandell at

American McGee found some success in developing Alice Madness Returns, but the former id Software level designer’s latest kickstarter, an action-adventure game set in an alternate version of The Wizard of Oz called OZombie has run into a few snags—the “can’t get enough money” snags, specifically.

Spicy Horse's next project is OZombie, currently asking for $950K on Kickstarter

Katie Williams at

He's been doing a lot of thinking on what a possible Alice sequel would entail, but apparently that didn't pan out, because American McGee is now seeking Kickstarter backers for a different project. His studio, Spicy Horse, has today put forward its concept for OZombie, a Wizard of Oz-inspired thing that's been predictably put through McGee's hideously mutilating Cuisinart of a development process. The accompanying video sure is... something.