'Like' to have a left handed MMO mouse?

Adam Oxford at

In these days of equal opportunity and well enforced rights of access laws, it seems almost unforgivable that one group of gamers is still unconsciously discriminated against. But then, it wasn't until I'd worked with a particularly militant south-paw dep ed that even liberal'ole me came to realise just how few of our toys take left-handedness into account. This realisation grew stronger every time a right-handed mouse was thrown in my direction.

You've been able to get left-handed guitars, left-handed golf clubs, left-handed hammers and even left-handed pencils on almost every high street since 1968, but only Razer makes mice suited to the one in ten people for whom ergonomics is a backward science. And they only released their first DeathAdder lefty two years ago. Which is great for FPS player, but what about MMOers? Won't somebody think of them?

Hard Stuff: Razer Naga Epic review

Josh Augustine at

When the Naga (April 2010, 94%) emerged, its 15 impeccably-placed buttons (designed to catch the overflow of abilities in most MMORPGs) and super-comfy design caused us to hail it as the finest mouse that MMO gamers could buy. Only its leash—the USB cable tying it to the PC—held it back.