EA's Hilleman states "gaming isn't mass market yet," offers opinions on fragmented marketplace

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Following an hour-long talk at the TV Connect conference in the United Kingdom, EA CCO Richard Hilleman gave his audience a lot to think about, as noted by GamesIndustry. Opining that and opined that "gaming isn't mass market yet," Hilleman outlined the concerns that need to be addressed before connected TVs can, in his mind, be seen as a top-tier gaming platform.

Humble Indie Bundle includes Osmos, Edge and Anomoly: Warzone Earth

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The latest pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle is the cross-platformiest one yet. The lovely blob-eat-blob eat 'em up Osmos, multidimensional puzzler, Edge, and the excellent reverse-tower defence strategy game, Anomoly: Warzone Earth are included. Buying you the bundle will give you access to Android, Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux versions of each game and you'll get World of Goo, too, if you pay more than the average donation, currently set at $5.93.

As the trailer above neatly explains, you'll be able to dish out a customisable amount of your donation to the Child's Play charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We love Humble Indie Bundles, so much that we names the Humble Bundle guys as our community heroes of the year.

Steam mobile app now free to all

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Last week Valve released the Steam app beta into the wild. Within hours hundreds of Steam users were receiving messages through Steam chat on their PCs saying things like "OMG I'm sending this from my mobile can u tell?" except with more spelling mistakes, because their fingers were shaking with raw, on-the-go excitement.

It's now freely available to everyone with an iPhone or Android device on the App Store and Android Market respectively. It'll let you access Steam chat and buy games through Steam on the fly. A vital tool for Steam sales to come.