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Football Manager 2014: Miles Jacobson on user-made leagues and tips from real managers

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Miles Jacobson is, in his own words, “a bit tired, actually.” It turns out the Sports Interactive boss was up until the small hours the previous night organising screenshots for the announcement of Football Manager 14, this year’s iteration of arguably gaming’s most famous simulation. With a promised 1000 improvements and a wealth of new features that offer much more scope for user-generated content, it sounds like a pretty substantial overhaul. So we rang him up to find out more, and ended up discussing pots, PR training and parallel universes.

Football Manager 2013 release date announced, pre-orders come with beta access

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Attention, ballfoot fans! Get out the iron and flatten out those touchline suits. The latest iteration of Football Manager will go live on Steam at one minute past midnight on November 02, and you can get in two weeks early if you pre-order from one of these places.

Football Manager 2012 Steam integration declared a success, "we got cracked after 10 days"

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Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson has been taking to Eurogamer about the success of Football Manager 2012's use of Steam as an anti-piracy measure. This year's edition was the first to require activation through Valve's service, a point that caused controversy among some Football Manager fans. Jacobson says that the trade-off was worth it. "We got cracked after 10 days, which is actually 15 days less than normal - normally we're cracked the weekend before release."

Within those ten days of grace Jacobson says that Sports Interactive saw a sales upsurge. "Of course it could be because we've got the best game that we've ever released this year and loads of people have rushed out and bought it," Jacobson said, "but there were definitely people on the forums that were talking about a pirated version of the game who were, after four or five days, posting that, 'I can't wait any more, I'm going out and buying the game.'"

Football Manager dev awarded O.B.E. by the Queen

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Studio Director of Sports Interactive, the studio behind the stellar Football Manager series, has been awarded an OBE by the Queen in the latest round of honours awards. In full, O.B.E. stands for Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and is one of a series of chivalric awards created by George V, the highest of which makes you a knight of the British Empire. Suffice to say, not too many game developers have made the esteemed honours lists.

Miles Jacobson on Football Manager 2011

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The latest Football Manager title, Football Manager 2011, is scheduled for a Christmas release. I interviewed Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive's Studio Director, to discover some of the new features that his team have implemented over the last year. A lot has changed. For detailed info on what's better, what's gone, and what's new, read on.