Might and Delight

These stunning Shelter 2 screenshots (just about) make up for the game's slight delay

Tom Sykes at

I'm not entirely sure it's legal for a game to look this good. I mean, just look at it. Outside of the original teaser trailer and a particularly impressive gif, we haven't seen much of Shelter 2 in motion yet, but if it looks even half as beautifully stylised as this new set of images, we're going to be in for a visual treat. If you can tear yourself away from the left side of Might and Delight's July newsletter, there's a cruel sentence on the right announcing that the animal-based survival game is going to miss its August release date and slip further into Autumn/Fall. In the words of the judge from Futurama, I'm going to allow this, but only if they use the time to curb the elements many people found frustrating about the first game.

Shelter 2: hunt in "huge open territories" as a mother Lynx

Tom Senior at

The sequel to 2013's best badger simulator is afoot. In Shelter 2 you play as a mother Lynx who must roam and hunt to sustain her her litter of cubs—adorable, defenseless, easily-eaten cubs. The sequel will develop the muted cardboard-collage visuals of the first game and feature a much bigger open world in which to hunt and hide.

Shelter footage reveals the harshness of nature, the badassery of badgers

Phil Savage at

Don't let the lovely pastel colour shading and adorable badger yelps at the start of this early Shelter footage fool you. Nature is cruel, uncaring, and full of jerk birds who'll happily steal baby cubs like the diabolically hungry monsters that they are. I almost expected Werner Herzog to chime in halfway through this trailer, adding some appropriately bleak narration about the existential torment of survival.

Indie platformer puzzler Pid has plenty of style, fingers crossed for substance

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I know, I know. Charming indie platformers are a dime a dozen these days (sometimes literally, given the increasingly popularity of eye-popping indie bundles), but complaining about that is akin to lamenting that the Internet has too many adorable videos of kittens. You may find yourself feeling somewhat empty after doing so. I assure you, that's perfectly normal. It simply means that you have no soul.

So, right then. Pid's debut trailer very nearly charmed me into a state of jazz-infused bliss. It looks to be a light-hearted puzzle platformer with anti-gravity, tons of items, crazy stylish art, and the world's most amazing indie bait-and-switch. Time will tell, however, if developer Might and Delight - made up mostly of former Bionic Commando Rearmed folks - can make Pid more than just a pretty face. Here's hoping, anyway. In the meantime, check out the above trailer and judge for yourself.