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OpenXCom renews the original UFO Defense as a valid option for terror

Phil Savage at

XCOM's lean and wiry Sectoids may be the new poster-xenos for brutal alien invasions, but thanks to OpenXCom, there's still life left in their smaller, slower and pudgier cousins from 1994. The fan-made, open-source version of the original X-Com: UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown if you prefer) has been in the making for 4 years. With this latest 0.9 release, it's been given an ending - meaning it's finally possible to drive back the attack and save humanity. Unlikely, but possible.

X-COM Complete Pack super cheap on Steam and Gamersgate

Tom Senior at

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was revealed yesterday, a modern remake from Civilization developers, Firaxis. Tremendously exciting news for fans of the classic original, but what if you never played it? Steam and Gamersgate have you covered. You can get the XCOM Complete Pack today for a fraction of its original price. That means you can grab X-COm: UFO Defense, X-COM: Terror From the Deep, X-COM: Interceptor, X-COM: Enforcer and X-COM: Apocalypse for just £2.49 on GG, and £3.05 / $5.09 on Steam. Blimey. There's just six hours left on the Steam deal. Go go go!