Hawken transitioning to Steam, dedicated launcher now defunct

Emanuel Maiberg at

At the moment, there is no way for me to launch Hawken, which is a game I like a great deal, and probably my favorite free-to-play game yet. It's making the transition from a dedicated launcher to Steam, which is where I'd prefer it live anyway, but developer Adhesive games says that the transition will take about a week at the most.

Hawken open beta to launch later today (update: it launched)

Tyler Wilde at

Update: The open beta is live. Fire at will.

Free-to-play mech shooter Hawken will enter open beta later today, once the developer is done "updating and double-checking" existing accounts. We're told to hang in there until it's ready. In the meantime, feel free to bombard the official site—new servers apparently had to be added to keep up with demand, and we bet web engineers really appreciate it when we encourage everyone to jam the F5 key.