Lego Marvel Super Heroes demo now available to download

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Remember demos? They were totally a thing once, before the lizard-people that control the games industry conspiracied them out of existence. Thankfully TT Games, among others, have kept the fire alive - their latest demonstration version offering a chunk of the biff-happy Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The demo contains one level, giving you the chance to step into ripped trousers of The Hulk, and the sweaty, sweaty super-suit of Iron Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 announced, a film tie-in that features a morality system

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Are your hopes up? You might want to lower them a bit. Lower. Lower. A little lower. Too low! ...Lower. Perfect. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been announced! It's a film tie-in sequel to the film tie-in original, which I only learned about five minutes ago. Metacritic tells me that was 'alright', and if this follow-up follows through with its light RPG elements and more detailed Manhattan, we may well be able to upgrade that to 'pretty good I guess'. Teaser trailer after the break.

Get a free weekend of Marvel Heroes thanks to Iron Man 3's existence

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Since seeing Iron Man 3, I've been plagued by the vaguely disturbing image of Robert Downey Jr. gyrating to funked-up Christmas tunes as Iron Man parts fly at his body. That's nice and all, but I want some badassery again. It's pretty convenient, then, that Marvel Heroes is having a free open beta weekend to celebrate the film's release. Time to experience what superheroism is really about!

Disney signs deal for Marvel MOBA

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In the world of comic books, henchmen beelining straight into a hero's gloved fists in a straight and orderly line usually results in a quick victory festooned with bam and thok sound effects. In MOBAs, it's a happy little train of gold and XP. As reported by MMO Culture (via GameSpy), Disney Interactive Studios wants the Marvel Universe's next nemesis to be the almighty lane creep, as it formalized a contract today with Korean developer Smilegate for the creation of a MOBA featuring Marvel's country-sized cast of characters.

Free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes gets first trailer

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Gazillion Entertainment has released the first gameplay trailer and details for Marvel Heroes, its upcoming free-to-play superhero MMO. It seems we'll be fighting our way through the streets as the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Thor in a Diablo-style isometric beat 'em up. Unsurprising given that the dev's president, David Brevik, is a veteran of Blizzard North, the studio responsible for Diablo and Diablo II.

Max Payne 3 digital comic recaps Max's fall and sets up his relocation to Brazil

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Issue one of Rockstar and Marvel's Max Payne 3 digital comic series is now available for read-looking. The first issue, titled "After the Fall," sets up Max's troubled past (which mostly involves him burying everyone he ever cared about), and briefly hints at the events that lead him to Max Payne 3's new setting. He's got a lot to drink about after Max Payne 2, and eventually gets himself in trouble in a New Jersey bar, which presumably kicks off his flight to Brazil. Oh Max, you're incorrigible.