Painkiller: Hell and Damnation administers a double dose

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Dota 2 will support LAN play, next International tournament prize pool to be "at least" $1.6m

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Valve's Erik Johnson has told Join Dota that Dota 2 will be getting a LAN mode. "There are some systems that LAN mode requires that we haven't finished yet, mainly because we've been focused on matchmaking. We know how important this feature is for the community," says Johnson.

He also talked a bit about Valve's plans for their next big Dota 2 tournament. The Dota 2 International took place at Gamescom last year, offering Dota pros a shot at a piece of the $1.6 million prize pool. Valve are going to at least match that amount in the next tournament. Johnson said that "if you look at any major sport around the world that has an audience of similar size to Dota's you'll find that those at the very top in terms of skill tend to make a lot of money."

"Frankly, we think the teams represented at The International deserve this kind of money for what they do. We all know how hard it is to master Dota," he added.

DreamHack Summer 2011 recap: The Promised LAN

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DreamHack Summer 2011 has come and gone, leaving a rush of exciting replays and up-and-coming teams in its wake. But what if you weren't fortunate enough to make it out to Sweden and see LAN-party Mecca for yourself? We've got an in-depth recap of the electrifying event from Borderland Gaming's own Kast, who commentated at the event and lived to tell about it.

Duke Nukem commissions portrait to celebrate royal marriage

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The self-proclaimed "King of Shooters" has commissioned a portrait to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Portrait artist Frank Frid created the piece, entitled "Untitled: I’m So Awesome, I Don’t Even Need To Name It." It's due to be unveiled just before the couple's special day.

According to a 2K press release it took 350 hours to paint and was created in a single day. One of those facts is false.

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