Like Knytt? Play this: Nifflas releases his Great Work for free

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Knytt developer Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren has released his latest game, and for free. The Great Work has a lot in common with his recent Knytt Underground, set as it is in a network of shadowy caves, but once you delve in there are a number of subtle differences, which may feel unfamiliar to fans of Nifflas' previous work. Interestingly, the game was developed for a documentary entitled Alkemistens År, which is "about Christer Böke who has taken one year off from his well-paid job as an IT-salesman to become a full-time Alchemist." Blimey.

Interested in making games? Watch this fascinating lecture by Knytt creator Nifflas

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Amid the photos of old games consoles and soul-crushing stick-people memes, there are occasionally some very good things to be found on Reddit. This (old, but still relevant) video lecture by Nicklas Nygren (AKA Nifflas) is one of them. He created Knytt, NightSky, Saira, and many more of your favourite indie games, and in this nearly hour-long lecture for the IT University of Copenhagen, he speaks about his history in game development. Go watch!

Knytt Underground: the third in Nifflas' extraordinary platform series is released on PC

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Lots of things happened over Christmas. Via the wonders of 3D, the Queen leapt out of the UK's TVs like a particularly horrifying Ring ghost; I ate all the chocolate, ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE; and Nifflas released the third in his truly wonderful Knytt series. Knytt Underground continues the atmospheric, oft-tricky, exploratory platforming his games are known for, this time with new abilities, a whopping 1,800 rooms, and Dark Souls-style apocalyptic bell-ringing. You'll need $14.99, plus a PC or Mac (the console version's already out, while the Linux one's in beta), and here's that demo you were just about to ask for.