Continue?9876543210 is out, and as strange as its title suggests

Phil Savage at

Released last week, Continue?9876543210 slipped under the radar somewhat. Mostly because we were battling the after-effects of excess, having overindulged on a gluttonous triumvirate of Christmas, New Year, and Steam sale. But, having now played a little of the self-described "artsy" indie, it seems worthy of some attention, if only because it will be of interest to the sort of person who enjoys a little death, philosophy, and corrupted retro oddness in their games.

Created by Jason Oda - him what did 2012's excellent webgame Skrillex Quest - Continue?9876543210 casts you as a dead game protagonist, running around the innards of Random Access Memory, trying to escape from ultimate deletion. Basically, it's a dark and poignant version of '90s CGI cartoon ReBoot.