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Runescape 3 released, launch trailer kills anything and everything

Phil Savage at

Jagex's third major Runescape revision has launched, having built a new home out of HTML5. Runescape 3 not only freshens up the engine, but also kicks off the "Battle of Lumbridge" event, which hopes to give players more agency over the free to play MMO's world. To celebrate this, here's a launch trailer featuring a thematically diverse cast of characters, running about, killing all of the things.

RuneScape 3 announced, so long summer

Omri Petitte at

RuneScape has mainly kept to itself over the years as the MMO market saw World of Warcraft's wave trigger a rise in high-budget releases. It's the sort of game of easy accessibility and addictive crafting and combat mechanics you'd find loaded up in a school computer lab and earning Guinness World Records, but in the words of Jagex Content Designer Mark Ogilvie, it's soon going "to the next"—dramatic pause—"LEVEL." Meet RuneScape 3, which will dig into your browser window this summer for free.

Ace of Spades launch trailer shows cube carnage, obligatory Motörhead

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Ace of Spades seems like what would happen if you dumped a Home Depot on Battlefield. Yes, it touts an obvious comparison—Minecraft with guns, gasp—but the apparent copycatting didn't chip away at PC Gamer freelancer Cara Ellison's fun blowing fellow block-people to bits during her hands-on last month.