Bioshock Infinite delayed until February 2013, no showing at E3 or Gamescom

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A message from Ken Levine on the Bioshock Infinite site brings word that the game's been delayed until February 26 next year. Hopefully they're not actually trying to make it infinite, or else we'll be getting a few posts like this on the Bioshock Infinite site over the course of the next few millenia as the sun gradually sputters out and entropy claims the universe.

"BioShock Infinite is a very big game," writes Ken Levine. "We’re doing things that no one has ever done in a first-person shooter." The delay will give the team extra time to polish the sunny sky-city of Colombia to a gleaming, golden sheen.

Epic, Bioware, Bioshock Infinite reveals planned for VGAs, new THQ announcement this month

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Now that the release armageddon that is November is over, it's time for everyone to announce some new projects. The next week or so will be bustling with new announcements from Bioware, Epic and THQ, and we'll get our first look at Bioshock Infinite for a while at this weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards ceremony.

First up, Bioware. They've been busy teasing a new game from a new studio in the run up to Saturday's show, with a teaser image and a tiny trailer clip. With EA registering a number of Command & Conquer domain names recently, there's speculation that a new C&C may be revealed.

Ken Levine on vocal protagonists and the use of silence in Bioshock Infinite

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Without giving too much away, a key twist in the original BioShock story is to do with your character being completely mute throughout the game. It was an interesting twist on Gordon Freeman-like character design, and a comment on the game’s key themes of determinism versus free will.

In BioShock Infinite, the protagonist - Booker DeWitt - will be able to speak. In an interview with IGN, its creator Ken Levine explained the decision. “How do you go back and say okay, well you're that kind of character again after you already had that discussion with the gamer?” asked Levine. “Our response to it was, let's really place you firmly in the world this time. Let's give you a story, let's give you a character to develop a personal story...You're very active, your story is very active, Elizabeth's story is very active.”

Ken Levine says BioShock movie could still happen

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Bioshock’s fathomless setting of Rapture is the stuff Hollywood studio execs dream of: an established IP, a chance to splash out on visual effects, and a Byzantine plot. But the BioShock movie - once attached to Pirates of the Caribbean helmer Gore Verbinski - hasn’t surfaced yet.

Talking to Industry Gamers, Bioshock’s creator Ken Levine stated that the movie is “definitely something that’s still in the conversation”, so it’s not quite dead in the water. “We’d like to have a movie made,” said Levine. “But it would have to be the right one, and we’ve had the opportunity to get it made and unless all the right pieces are in place – it’s hard enough to get a movie made when all the right pieces are in place.”

Bioshock Infinite developer diary makes voice actor cry :(

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The second video from the behind the series on Bioshock Infinite gets into the surprisingly intense voice acting sessions behind the E3 demo we saw earlier this year. To get the actor playing Elizabeth to feel sad about the horse that dies in the demo, the actor that plays Booker employs the classic acting technique of being really mean to her until she cries. "That wasn't Troy just being an asshole, that was me asking Troy to get Courtnee to an emotional place" explains Ken Levine.

Still, everyone, including Courtnee, seem pretty happy with the results. I've embedded the full E3 demo below in case you missed it. Remember, real human tears were shed for that dead horse!

Ken Levine: scripting Elizabeth "is the most complicated thing" in Bioshock Infinite

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NPC companion, Elizabeth, is set to a vital part of Bioshock Infinite's storyline. She follows playable tough-guy, Booker DeWitt around the floating metropolis of Columbia, trying to evade the nightmarish Songbird that has kept her captive for years.

In spite of her torrid past, Elizabeth is a playful, funny sidekick. Some of the best moments from the superb fifteen minute E3 demo (above) were Elizabeth's brief, incidental skits in which she banters with Booker and at one point puts on a giant Abe Lincoln head for a quick impression. According to creative director, Ken Levine, these small acts are the "most complicated" development task for Irrational.

Bioshock Infinite trailer talks storytelling and character in the floating city of Columbia

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[bcvideo id="1244932021001"]
Ken Levine is joined by the voice actors who play Bioshock Infinite's protagonist, Booker, and his NPC companion, Elizabeth for the new trailer. The most telling moment comes when the actor who plays Elizabeth, Coutnee Draper, says that she doesn't know exactly how long her character has been kept captive because Levine hasn't decided yet. Later, Levine talks about the process of working with the actors, saying that "sometimes they'll bring something to the role and I'll change the role," confessing that "a lot of times I don't even know what I want." It's an interesting insight into Levine's flexible approach to creating the game's story, almost as though he's making it up as he's going along. It's a strategy that seems to be going well, the fourteen minutes of footage from E3 were incredible.

Bioshock Infinite screenshots show sad Elizabeth, Revenge of the Jedi

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Why is Elizabeth crying? Will we be able to go into that cinema and watch Revenge of the Jedi? These are the two questions raised by the four new Bioshock Infinite screenshots that just dropped in from Gamescom. The answer to the first question is "because she's being kidnapped by an enormous bird-freak," we know that from the incredible E3 trailer, the answer to the second question is sadly "probably not," but we can dream. See the new screens below. Click to make them huge.

E3 2011: Bioshock Infinite trailer

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[bcvideo id="979672899001"]

Irrational's Ken Levine used the Sony press conference to announce Bioshock Infinite's motion controls, but we don't care about that. Fortunately, the creative mastermind behind Rapture and Infinite's Columbus - the city in the clouds that isn't Cloud City - also showed a trailer for the game. Within, you'll find elfin women, robo-hawks, and more blimps than you'll know what to do with.

Ten amazing minutes of Bioshock Infinite

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Spend ten spectacular minutes in floating city of Columbia in this new trailer for Bioshock Infinite. It features murderous attack-crows, footage of your powerful new companion, Elizabeth, and a showdown with the new Big Daddy style Handyman villain. Video below.

System Shock 2 concept art uncovered

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Every month, Irrational hand us a free news post by putting up some interesting tidbit from the inception of one of their various classic titles. This month, it's System Shock 2's concept art. System Shock 2 was Bioshock's cool uncle who got him into most of the music he likes. Well. Maybe it was a bit more than that. Check it out here.