Dungeon Defenders gets TF2 cameos and the Portal gun... if you pre-order

Owen Hill at

Let's be honest, Dungeon Defenders does not look like an iPhone port. We mean that in the nicest possible way. But the multiplayer tower defence game was originally on iPhone. And the PC conversion will let you play with iPhone users when it gets released next week. Weird eh?

Pre-order Dungeon Defenders and, as is tradition these days, you'll get a bunch of Valve goodies in-game including The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device for the Huntress hero class and four Team Fortress 2 familiars. We're not familiar with how familiars work yet, but their roles sound very familiar...

Try out World of Warcraft's Auction House and Remote Chat for free

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World of Warcraft players with smartphones can now test out the World of Warcraft Remote's guild chat functionality for one week without charge. Residents of Azeroth/Outland have been able to trial the Auction House tools for a few weeks, but Blizzard have only just added remote chatting to the deal.

You'll get the tools for free until May 10, so it's worth signing up asap if you want to see what the fuss is about. You'll can bid on and post auctions from anywhere in the world (reception-allowing).

iPhone or iPod touch users should download the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory, whereas those of you with Android phones should get the World of Warcraft Remote App. It usually costs £2.49/$2.99 per month for the services.

In a comforting touch, Blizzard have already boosted loyal existing subscriber's accounts by one week.

Minecraft iPhone port will be "more of a spin off of Minecraft" created by "another developer"

Matt Purslow at

During an interview with PC Gamer at GDC yesterday Notch confirmed that a different developer will be taking charge of the iPhone and iPad versions of Minecraft.

Notch announced that iPhone and iPad versions of the massively successful game were in development a few weeks ago. Read on for the new details.

PC Gamer now on Pulse!

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Ooh looky! PC Gamer has been selected as a featured source in Pulse, the #1 free news app for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices.

Pulse turns news sources – including posts from the very best PC gaming news source in the whole world – into an interactive glanceable, fun-making mosaic. It also integrates with Facebook and Twitter so that you can share our news and updates with your friends and minions.

To read PC Gamer and other news sources through Pulse, download the app at http://bit.ly/pulsedl, then add PC Gamer from the Featured Sources by tapping the plus sign at the bottom of the front page.

That is all. You may return to your guilds.