Brutal Doom v20 video shows 15 minutes of unrelenting gore

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The v20 update for Brutal Doom has been in development for a while but there's still no solid release date. While you wait for the gory mod to be finetuned, why not watch 15 minutes of it in action? The update includes a number of improvements, such as general performance tweaks, more realistic/brutal blood fountains and most importantly: ragdoll physics.

Quake Live heading to Steam "very, very soon"

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QuakeCon is happening. Amid the rows of LAN-goers intravenously absorbing energy drinks, and the shared sense of smugness at having seen exclusive DOOM footage, the event is also home to a couple of announcements. For instance, Bethesda VP Pete Hines announced that the free-to-play arena shooter Quake Live will arrive on Steam "very, very soon". How soon? Very. How soon, more specifically? He didn't say.

Wolfenstein: The New Order video: max settings at 2560x1440 on LPC

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Akimbo assault rifles, 1440p Ultra settings, and shooting lots of Nazis in the face—these are all things the Large Pixel Collider, our all-powerful supercomputer, heartily approves of. That's why we ran B.J. Blazkowicz's latest adventure, Wolftenstein: The New Order, with all the settings cranked to the max. Sit back, set Youtube's bitrate to 1440p, and enjoy seven minutes of old school FPS action.

See Wolfenstein: The New Order at max settings: 3600x1920 on LPC

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We've encountered some problems running Wolfenstein: The New Order since we started playing this morning, and though the LPC's GTX Titans haven't suffered any crashes and the framerate is stable, the same id Tech 5 texture pop-in we witnessed in Rage is very apparent. But if I don't turn too fast, the artists and engine have pulled off one trick: some really damn nice textures.

ZeniMax claims rights to key Oculus tech developed by John Carmack

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ZeniMax Media, which owns id Software and Bethesda Game Studios, sent formal notice to Oculus claiming key technology the virtual reality headset relies on were developed by John Carmack while he was still employed by at ZeniMax. ZeniMax claims that only with its help, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey “was able to transform his garage-based pipe dream into a working reality," and now it wants compensation.

Brutal Doom update v20 to add ragdoll physics, more brutality

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I didn’t think it was possible for Doom to get any better, but mods make everything better. The absurdly violent Brutal Doom mod is doing a great job of keeping Doom just as shocking and visceral of an experience as it was when it first came out 20 years ago, and the newest version will add ragdoll physics—because when I shotgun an Imp, I wanna see it tumble.

QuakeCon 2014 announced, has moved to July

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There was little doubt that there would be a QuakeCon this year. After 18 annual conventions celebrating all things Id (and also now Bethesda), the bring-your-own-computer LAN party is as much of a tradition as hanging decorative pumpkin guts from the branches of your chocolate Christmas egg. Or writing a news post about the announcement of QuakeCon. Not everything is set in stone, though, as evidenced by the date. Where normally the event takes place in early-August, this 19th one is being unceremoniously moved to the edges of mid-July.

Brutal Doom gets a v19 release, mod's maker says it's "the final version for a while"

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Absurdly violent mod Brutal Doom is a perfect lesson in the pleasure of bloody violence. And yet, even with it taking its obnoxious philosophy way past any natural conclusion, it's neither childish or embarrassing - unlike, say, that Ninja Gaiden Z trailer. This most gore-filled version of Doom's Id Tech 1 years has now reached its 19th version, bringing new fixes, animations and improved effects.

John Carmack becomes Oculus VR's new chief technical officer

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Update: Bethesda and Id have clarified the situation in a statement to Kotaku: "John will spend time working out of Oculus as part of his role with them, but he will also continue to work at id."

Original: Oculus VR - creators of the magical Oculus Rift face goggles - have just announced that Id's John Carmack will serve as their new chief technical officer. It's a good fit for the programming genius, not least because the Rift isn't, as I like to assume, powered by pixie dust and wishes.

QuakeCon in pictures: North America's biggest LAN party

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With another QuakeCon behind us, it’s time to reflect on the magic that happens every year at the largest LAN party in North America. Over 2,800 people brought their computers to the Hilton Anatole in Dallas to play games and gawk over some really incredible machines.

What we want to see from Doom 4

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Apparently refusing to avail itself of the teleportation technology that kickstarted its earliest predecessor, Doom 4 has been creeping towards us slowly from the shadows since it was announced in May 2008. Since then it’s been teased, mentioned, and even glimpsed in a leaked selection of artwork that suggested anyone looking for finely detailed neo-classical balconies was in for one serious thrill ride when the game finally arrived.

We’re less focused on the neo-classical balconies, though, and more on the shooting and the hellspawn. Here are a few ideas we’d like to see propping up the big first-person shooter’s return.

Face Off: Is Crysis 3 the best-looking game ever?

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In this week's debate, Evan argues that Crysis 3 is the best-looking game in gaming, while Tyler isn't wooed by its tessellated vegetation and volumetric fog shadows. It's undeniably impressive tech, but does Crytek still wear the graphics crown?

E3 2011: our John Carmack video interview covers Rage, the PC, and gamma corrected anti-aliasing

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John Carmack knows everything. As well as being a literal rocket scientist, and knowing how to choke the life-force out of a man double his size, he was lead programmer on two of gaming's enduring classics: Doom and Quake. At the moment, he's on the press junket for Rage over in LA - but that hasn't blunted the man's razor sharp knowledge of technology and its application to games. Tim managed to pin him down for a twenty minute interview about Rage, why the PC is "orders of magnitude" above the consoles in power, and pixel fidelity. An absolute must-view for people with even a vague interest in the future of hardware.

E3 2011: Id's Tim Willits on how Rage flies the flag for PC controls: "there are a lot of buttons"

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Speaking to PC Gamer behind closed doors at E3 2011, id's Tim Willits has described how the Id team have resurrected classic PC control systems, rather than limiting the options available to a player for the console controllers. "The PC's going to be an awesome platform for it. There are a lot of buttons."

Rage dev: id's old style of games "just don't work anymore"

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Id's latest game, Rage, is a major departure for one of the PC's best-loved developers. It's not a corridor shooter. It doesn't take place in the dark. It's an open world shooter/driving game with *gasp*, a story. It doesn't even have a multiplayer deathmatch mode. Creative Director of id, Tim Willits, says that it's a deliberate attempt to move out of Id's comfort zone because their old formula "just doesn't work any more."

Rage to ship with full level editor, id studio

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Want to mod Rage? Good. Speaking to PC Gamer at a recent press event, Id Creative Director Tim Willits revealed that the PC version of Rage will support modding and level design right out of the box. All you need to do, says Tim, is "Pull down the console, type 'id studio', then press enter. Then, bam, there's all the tools we use."

As for what you'll be creating, that's a little trickier; Id's technology has moved on since you could fit 100's of Doom levels on a CD. "Building levels from scratch is more difficult," says Tim, "because we have a layer system in some of the levels. I can foresee somebody modding up Wellspring (a town in-game) and adding different characters, giving them different voice-over." But if you've got the development skills to use it, the level editor will be there. "It's built into the engine," says Tim.

Will you be creating levels for Rage? Do let us know. We'll try and feature the best mods when Rage launches in September.

PC Gamer US Podcast #270: Skyrim - Heart of the Darkspore

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An ever-fearless leader, Dan does not hesitate when faced with the infinite amount of news we could potentially discuss on this week's podcast. Evan, Josh, Chris and Anthony help him wade through it all: Skyrim, Prey 2, Darkspore, the latest WoW patch, your listener questions and more!

PC Gamer US Podcast 267: Skyrim - Heart of the Darkspore

Talking RAGE's gameplay, PC graphics, and the old Duke-Doom rivalry with id's Jason Kim

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PC Gamer field operative Chris Comiskey recently invaded a top-secret Bethesda compound buried deep beneath the arctic wastes. After accosting and subduing numerous guards with their own boxer shorts, Chris was apprehended just outside of Senior Producer Jason Kim’s office when he tripped over a discarded Snickers bar wrapper. Knowing he was defeated, Chris requested that before being drowned in a giant vat of delicious hot chocolate, he might have the chance to ask Mr. Kim everything he knew about the upcoming id Shooter: RAGE. Mr. Kim agreed, and the below interview was smuggled out via a hidden, chilled carrier pigeon. Chris has not been heard from since.

Rumor: Doom movie reboot in the works

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There's a rumor flying around that Universal Studios is shopping around for a script to resurrect Doom as a movie franchise, this time cashing in on the 3D craze.

It makes sense that with id working on Doom 4, parent company Bethesda Softworks would want to push for some increased brand awareness. However, the original 2005 Doom movie farce, which concluded with stars Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban settling their differences in a fist fight after never actually shooting anything with the BFG, didn't exactly leave anybody clamoring for another one - after all, Doom's "Oh no, space demons!" storyline was never much more than an excuse to circle-strafe and shoot rockets at ugly things. So I can't say I'm really looking forward to this. How about making that too-expensive BioShock movie instead? Or Mass Effect? Or Half-Life? Or Deus Ex? Hell, I'd rather see a Duke Nukem action parody film.

Anybody here more excited about this than I am?

RAGE screens, trailer and release date announced

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id have relaunched the website for the highly anticipated new shooter RAGE. Not only that, but we have release date of September 13 2011, a trailer and three new screen shots. Read on to find them.