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The Long Dark makes the perilous trek to Steam Early Access in September

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Andy was impressed when he got his frostbitten hands on The Long Dark, so the news that it's heading to Steam Early Access soon is reason to be cheerful. (Unless it arrives a bit too broken to enjoy, of course.) Developers Hinterland Games have announced the date on which we can expect the game, along with details of what the Early Access version will entail. September 22nd is the entry to circle in your diary with your last remaining ounce of energy, giving the people that find your corpse plenty to chew on as they poke around in your cabin and pilfer your supplies.

Survival gets serious in The Long Dark

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Last week I wrote about the problem with survival games. Some of you loved the idea of the hypothetical game I described—which sidelines monsters and overt danger for a more atmospheric battle against the elements—and some of you thought I was mental. After the article was published I was tweeted by Hinterland Games creative director Raphael van Lierop, who said that their game, The Long Dark, is exactly what I’m looking for. So, of course, I had to try it.

The Long Dark gets moody trailer and heads for Steam Early Access

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Good news for those of you looking forward to scratching around for food and warmth in the aftermath of a geo-magnetic catastrophe. And hey, who isn't? There's not too much longer to wait. The Long Dark, which is the hugely promising artsy survival game from debutant studio Hinterland Games is heading for Steam Early Access in September.

The Long Dark survives its Kickstarter campaign, with three days left on the clock

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The Long Dark just got a little bit brighter with the news that its Kickstarter page has hit its $200,000 target. The wintry wilderness survival game has three days left to go, which should be just enough time for the team add a new Aurora Boreanaz stretch goal to their Kickstarter page. I would pay all kinds of money to make that happen.

The Long Dark: interview with Raphael van Lierop

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Raphael van Lierop may have never had to worry about surviving alone in the wilderness, but he's been close enough to sense the threat. Reminiscing about hunters who would accompany him for protection in college while conducting seismic surveys, he told me of tense months he spent in the wilds of British Columbia and Alberta, where news of grizzly attacks would sometimes drift in from other camps. Even now, working from his home on Vancouver Island, reports occasionally surface of unwary hikers getting lost deep in the woods.

The Long Dark trailer gives an early glimpse of winter survival

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It was last month that The Long Dark went out in to the wilderness of Kickstarter. Since then, it's been successfully scavenging for internet money, but will need to redouble its efforts if it's to live beyond next week. First though, a respite, as it comes back into the warmth to construct its first trailer, giving a very early look at the exploration survival game.

The Long Dark, a new post-disaster survival sim, launches Kickstarter project

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In a world saturated by technology, The Long Dark wants to simulate "what-if?" moments of isolation, struggle, and survival, when our digital lives get stripped away. Hinterland Games, a brand new indie studio full of veteran developers is pitching the first-person game as a Kickstarter project, according to its official website.