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Deadpool releases tomorrow, launch trailer might undersell it

Tyler Wilde at

High Moon Studios' Deadpool, based on Marvel's irreverent, fourth-wall-breaking Wade Wilson, releases on Steam tomorrow. The launch trailer is here now, but doesn't do much to make Deadpool's eccentricities appealing, with labored humor about the overuse of dubstep in trailers, Wolverine's haircut, and "booty" as a reference to both treasure and butts. What I saw in a recent preview, however, was much more appealing.

Transformers: War for Cybertron review

Dan Stapleton at

As a child of the ‘80s who grew up loving the “Generation One” Transformers, this game stimulated the nostalgic nerd center of my brain to dangerous levels—I nearly fell into a coma when I heard Soundwave say “Laserbeak: eject!” War for Cybertron is an amazingly loyal modernization of the 1984 Transformers cartoon, and it's everything the abominable Michael Bay movies are not. Even though it's grafted onto a somewhat generic third-person shooter, reverence of the source material makes this a must-play for anyone who wore the red-blue paint off their Optimus Prime action figure as a kid.