Hidetaka Miyazaki

Dark Souls creator on future of franchise and focusing on fan needs

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Dark Souls II is busy completing its summoning ritual over at developer From Software, but among the few details we know about it is the bequeathing of the director's crown from series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki to fellow Fromers Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura. Speaking to Edge, Miyazaki said he feels confident of the new leadership so long as delivering what gamers want from the death-dealing RPG franchise takes priority.

Dark Souls pendant mystery solved, was a "prank" all along

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In probably the best gaming prank since Street Fighter's Shen Long, Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed that the mysterious pendant starting item - that fans have been scratching their heads trying to figure out since the game's release - honestly has no function whatsoever. In an interview with IGN, Miyazaki revealed that "when it comes to the pendant, I actually had a little bit of an intention to play a prank."

Dark Souls director ponders easy mode, wants survival to be "satisfying rather than difficult,"

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Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki has been weighing up the pros and cons of an easy mode for From Software's rock solid RPG, Dark Souls. Dark Souls aficionados love that difficulty, they CRAVE it. Wouldn't an easy mode undermine the sanguine joy of overcoming a seemingly impossible challenge?

“I personally want my games to be described as satisfying rather than difficult," Miyazaki told Metro "As a matter of fact, I am aiming at giving players sense of accomplishment in the use of difficulty. Having said that, however, it is true that Dark Souls is rather difficult and a number of people may hesitate to play.”