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Hearthstone Help: Learn to play Giants Mage with Hyped

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This week we're joined by Hyped, one of the best Hearthstone players in the world, to showcase his Mage Giants deck. The games are all incredibly tense. Like crushing your opponents with a stunning comeback? This could be the deck for you…

Hearthstone Help: Nine great post-Naxxramas decks

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Greetings ladder jockeys, it's your host Vincent Sarius back with another instalment of our series on how to improve your Hearthstone skills. Today, I want to look at some of the most interesting decks that have popped up since the Curse of Naxxramas expansion arrived.

Hearthstone Help: What I learned from playing with a professional coach

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When a golfer has a wonky swing, the obvious solution is a visit to the club pro for a tune up. But there’s a big difference between a sport in which people think nothing of dropping hundreds of dollars on a new driver and a game like Hearthstone, where many players pride themselves on never paying for a single booster pack. So I was surprised to see an increasing number of pro players and popular streamers starting to offer coaching sessions. But could an hour’s worth of advice really improve my winrate?

Hearthstone Help: Top 10 new Naxxramas card combos

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In this week's Hearthstone column our resident Legendary player is back to list his favorite combos enabled by the new Naxx cards. Because hey, who doesn't want to live the double Thaddius dream, right?

Hearthstone Help: Can you save the PC Gamer demon deck?

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This week in Hearthstone Tim has been using the new Naxxramas Warlock card to try to build a demon-themed deck. Full disclosure: It hasn't gone swimmingly so far, and now he wants your help...

Hearthstone Help: Tips for overcoming Ladder anxiety

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Often, before I begin a Hearthstone Ladder session, my stomach starts churning and my heartbeat races. I actually feel the same sort of nerves you might get before an exam. Or a date. Back when I used to do either of those things. And because what, I might lose a couple of ranks in one night? Who cares? Well, dumb though it is, I do care. I’ve got the Ladder yips, and I want to overcome them...

Hearthstone Help: Three Fun Decks To Try

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Are you bored of facing the same endless queue of Handlocks, Miracle Rogues, Charge Druids and (ugh) Zoo? In this piece I pick out three fun new lists which I've enjoyed using on the ladder, and speak to their designers about their creative process.

Hearthstone Help: Six of the best streamers to learn from

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Hello ‘stoners, as always this is your host Vincent Sarius with another installment of Hearthstone Help. This week I want to tackle a slightly different topic: improving your skills by watching high level players who stream their sessions.

Hearthstone Help: New Naxxramas class cards rated

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Goods news everybody! Vincent Sarius here, with this week’s Hearthstone spotlight. Blizzard has now revealed all of the class-specific cards that will be released as part of the upcoming Curse of Naxxramas expansion. Hopefully, that means a release date is imminent—but while we wait, let's take deeper look at the class cards, and try to figure out how much use they’re likely to be in Constructed play…

Hearthstone Help: Dreamhack Summer report

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Greetings Hearthstonians, Vincent Sarius here again, and today we're going to discuss the best moments from the biggest Hearthstone tournament held so far. Dreamhack Summer took took place this weekend in Sweden, and aside from a $25,000 total prize pool—of which, $10,000 went to the winner—the top three finishers all received spots in Blizzard's upcoming qualifier tournament for a chance to play at Blizzcon for an immense $100,000 prize. That'll buy you a lot of packs.

Hearthstone Help: Top 10 Worst Legendaries

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You probably know the feeling. The rush of elation as you open a pack of cards, tap one and it erupts in an orange firework accompanied by the innkeeper shouting ‘Legendary!’, immediately followed by the crushing disappoint as it spins around to reveal… Well, one of these. Last week we brought you the 10 most valuable Legendaries in Hearthstone, as picked by the PC Gamer readers. This week, we present the least wanted Legendary additions to your deck.

Hearthstone Help: Top 10 Best Legendaries

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Whether or not you think Hearthstone is pay-to-win, there's no doubting that unpacking a kickass Legendary card is one of the game's biggest thrills. These are the 10 most valuable, as voted for by the PC Gamers readers, with analysis from our resident Legendary player. "What, no Lorewalker Cho?"

Hearthstone Help: The most miraculous deck

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This week, our resident decksmith Vincent Sarius takes a look at one of the most fun decks to play—and most irritating to come up against—the Miracle Rogue.

Hello again Hearthstoners, today we’re taking an in-depth look at one of the oldest and most innovative decks in Hearthstone: the Miracle Rogue. Have you run into a Rogue that managed to draw its entire deck and kill you in a single turn while you sat furiously twiddling your thumbs? Congratulations, you’ve witnessed a Miracle, and it looks a little something like this.

Hearthstone Help: Basic Decks Guide

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Just starting out in Hearthstone? Then you might find yourself staring at those basic cards you've managed to unlock and wondering how to compose your first decks, especially when you feel like you're missing so many signature cards and combos. If your own attempts have left you nursing an exploded hero and an inability to climb even a couple of ranks on the ladder, don’t panic, we’re here to buff your decks up.

Hearthstone Help: How to build your own deck

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Create your own killer deck with help from our in-house Legendary player. In this guide he walks you through the deck-building process, and creates a new PC Gamer-exclusive deck for you to try.

Hearthstone Help: The best decks explained

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Still getting crushed by a stream of Murlocs? In the first of a series of articles, our friendly Hearthstone expert shows you why some decks seem so unfair, and how to counter them.