Greg Coomer

Valve: "We saw this need" for Big Picture from players, operating systems

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Big Picture mode, a full-screen Steam interface suitable for TVs, released in December as part of Valve's attention-grabbing campaign to plant PC gaming in the living room. In an interview with Polygon, Valve Product Designer Greg Coomer spoke of capitalizing on the untapped niche of couch-side PC hardware.

Valve firing process echoes studio's peer-driven structure

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For Valve's employees, working at one of the most secretive development studios around constitutes a once-in-a-respawn experience. The leakage of Valve's employee handbook earlier this year colorfully outlined a flat management structure culturing a counterintuitive emphasis on peer-driven independence. Speaking to Seattle Interactive Conference attendees yesterday (as reported by GeekWire), Valve Product Designer Greg Coomer said the same free-form philosophy governing the company's work ethic also factors into firing someone.