Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online screenshots show a wholesome time with pals

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Sure, crime and violence are great, but too often they're solitary pursuits. As much fun as you can have ploughing through digital pedestrians, or leading the virtual cops towards an open arena for a final last stand, wouldn't it be better if you could share the experience with friends? That's the promise of GTA Online, with its 16-player persistent open world. A new crop of screenshots have surfaced, showing the bonding experience that can result from pointing some guns at some people.

Grand Theft Auto Online trailer reveals a persistent 16-player world

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Rockstar have just filled in the details of Grand Theft Auto Online: a persistent, open world for 16 players that initially will share features and locations from GTA5, but will continue to expand and evolve after its release. It seems to be a much-improved variation on the open co-op carnage offered by GTA IV, and will be made available on October 1st, free for all owners of GTA5. Which unfortunately won't include PC owners, as we're still waiting on that game's announcement.