Fract video shows a colorful world built on music

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Fract hails itself as "a first-person musical exploration game inspired by synthesizers." I call it the neon-drenched offspring of a Brian Eno album and a trip inside a Daft Punk helmet. It's been on a lengthy development ride since 2011, but a free beta demo has helped things along. A new trailer released this week comes alongside an announcement of a full release in the next few months, so it won't be long before we can all delve into Fract's abstract world.

Fract trailer: a first-person puzzle game that looks like a neon Darwinia

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Fract is a first-person puzzle game with that looks like a cross between Darwinia and a Daft Punk video. The puzzles are pretty simple - twisting knobs or pushing buttons to match patterns - but it looks stunning and the world responds in ways that makes solving those puzzles extremely rewarding.

The game isn't finished yet, but you can download a beta for Windows or Mac from the Fract site. Or skip below for more screenshots.

Independent Games Festival award winners: some categories not won by Minecraft

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The IGF awards ceremony took place last night at GDC, recognising the best new and forthcoming indie games. Minecraft was the obvious favourite to win the overall prize, which it did, but it wasn't the clean sweep some expected. The Technical Excellence category was instead won by first-person horror Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Design went to low-fi 2D Rogue-like game Desktop Dungeons.

Here's the full list of winners and nominees, along with where you can play them or at least see them played.

IGF Student Showcase winners announced

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The Independent Games Festival Student Showcase winners have been chosen. Previous winners include Narbacular Drop, the creators of which went on to work on Portal. Another winner, Tag, created the paint mechanic that will be in Portal 2. This year the eight games represent the best of an extremely strong field of new and inventive indie entries. You'll find details of the games below, most of which are free to download and play.