Cryptic decrypts Neverwinter's Foundry system

Omri Petitte at

Neverwinter's fantasy MMO foundation might stick to established norms we're all used to--magic, medieval weaponry, hitting a 17-foot dragon in the shins, and so on--but its Foundry quest editor gives players the chance to forge their own epic sagas of malice, might, and mischief using Neverwinter's sizable asset library of NPCs, room layouts, monsters, and ubiquitous text boxes.

How to: Create Your Own Frontier in Star Trek Online

Chris Perry at

Like most players, I’ve had moments in MMOs when I thought that I could write a better quest than the developers did. “The story was wrong—there should’ve been a fight against dwarves instead of rats at the end of the mission, and the pacing sucked!” Cryptic has responded to Star Trek Online players with a software-based “Oh yeah?” by launching The Foundry, which turned everyone into a mission scripter after it hit live servers earlier this month.