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Humble Weekly Sale focuses on Focus Home Interactive

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Terrible and obvious puns aside, the Humble Weekly Sale has various joints from Focus Home Interactive, covering RPGs, city sims, and detective stories set in Victorian London.

Space Hulk: Deathwing announced; is a first-person shooter

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The floodgates have opened, and Warhammer licences are swarming through the industry like Tyranids. We've already breached one Space Hulk, but now another has been sighted on the long-range scanners. Space Hulk: Deathwing has just just been announced; turning the tactical board game experience into an Unreal Engine 4-based first-person shooter from the makers of the bizarre and impenetrable E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. Weird, right? Maybe the announcement teaser vid can clarify a few things.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse review

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Magnets! How do they work?! Inquisitive rap artists will only be further confused by Magrunner: Dark Pulse, a firstperson Portal-alike in which the principle puzzle gimmick – magnetising stuff – functions in exactly the way reality doesn’t.

In Magrunner, similar charges attract one another and opposite charges repel. You can imbue selected objects with either polarity simply by clicking on them, thanks to a hand-mounted device that can also fire a magnetised robotic dog, enabling you to shunt polarised platforms hither and thither, or surf across test chambers on the back of a suddenly repelled cube.

Mars: War Logs review

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Are you ready to step into the dusty boots of Roy Temperance, the toughest man to ever get repeatedly slaughtered on medium difficulty? Are you ready to wrestle with an exuberant camera, that gets so over- excited in combat it can’t remember if this is a third-person game, or one where you don’t really need to see anything at all? And are you happy to tolerate the quirks of a UI that was designed by someone with a grudge against human convenience?

If so, you should consider Mars: War Logs – a budget title that’s more entertaining than all my complaints about it would seem to imply.

Wargame: AirLand Battle review

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RAF Tornados wheel like hungry buzzards while a line of British Army Centurions pushes northward, pulverising everything in its path. Another chunk of Denmark is on the verge of liberation when the bottom left corner of the mini-map suddenly contracts a bad case of the measles.

There are Soviet T-55s and BMPs running amok in my rear echelons! My foe has used a wiggly coast road to bypass my carefully placed defences. I’m about to congratulate him on his canniness when I remember I’ve been playing solo for the last hour. Eugen’s latest Cold War RTS features an unusually artful artificial adversary.

Light-and-dark platformer Contrast looks appropriately shady in these screenshots

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Ah—it's good to catch up with Contrast again, especially after the swank cabaret show that was its first trailer. Now the indie platformer's venturing out of the dark again, this time with a handful of screenshots demonstrating its vaudevillian flair.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse trailer introduces Cthulhu to technology

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Initially, you'd be forgiven for noticing a whiff of Portal emanating from the trailer for first-person physics puzzler Magrunner: Dark Pulse. That smell quickly dissipates, as the tone shifts towards an extremely earnest brand of psychological horror. This is why you don't put Cthulhu in charge of scientific testing. Honestly, you thought GLaDOS was bad?

Blood Bowl 2 announced, and teased, by uncommon commentators Jim and Bob

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Cyanide's take on Games Workshop's inspired tabletop fantasy sports game is set to receive a sequel, as revealed by Blood Bowl's vampire and ogre commentators in the first teaser trailer - or Jim and Bob as they're known to their friends. The follow-up to the turn-based/real-time tactical sport has been in development for a year, and puts the pair's 'Cabalvision' TV show front and centre.

Wargame: AirLand Battle trailer celebrates launch with explosions and rock

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If you've been following Wargame: AirLand Battle, the RTS follow-up to Wargame: European Escalation, you'll be aware of its attempt to imbue the strategy formula with a deep, persistent deck system and a versatile dynamic campaign. But now the game has released, which means its time to throw out the subtelty, crank up the rock, and do a launch trailer.

Contrast is a dual-world light-and-shadow platformer

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Well, this sure is an oddball thing: Contrast has squished noir together with a vaguely circus-like aesthetic, and it actually kind of works. This good-looking platformer plays on light and shadow in the literal sense—you'll be able to run around normally one moment, and in the next, switch to the world of shadow to reach areas not otherwise within reach.

Wargame: AirLand Battle trailer strategically mixes war room planning with RTS battling

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It's a good job real generals aren't as callous as the average RTS player. I still remember teenage afternoons spent surveying the battlefields of the early C&C games; sending squads of infantry to their death because they were, what? $100. Pocket change. Wargame: AirLand Battle is being a bit more respectful towards the cost of human life, with persistent units that follow across the Dynamic Campaign map that is the subject of this trailer.

Wargame: AirLand Battle launches end of the month; new screens reveal Dynamic Campaign

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Focus Interactive have dropped the launch date for Cold War strategy sequel Wargame: AirLand Battle. The follow up to European Escalation is due to airdrop into the UK's internet LZ on May 31st. In preparation, eyes only battle plans have been released, showing the game's in-depth Dynamic Campaign mode, which will let you order troops and deploy strikes across Europe.

First-person puzzler Magrunner: Dark Pulse is Portal by way of the mighty Cthulhu

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Say what you will about Portal 2 - unless it's some nonsense about it being five minutes long - but it sure could have used a few more elder gods knocking about the place. As developers of the similarly Cthulhu-themed Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Frogwares (now 3 AM Games) have some experience in this area, and they're putting it to use in a first-person puzzle game that bears more than a passing resemblance to the likes of Portal and Q.U.B.E. In Magrunner: Dark Pulse you're solving puzzles with the aid of a special glove what channels magnetism - however, in addition to beating brainteasers you'll be using it to battle ancient cosmic horrors as well. Now that's what I call multi-purpose. Catch the non-Euclidean trailer after the break.

Mars War Logs trailer shows RPG skill trees, nothing else wood-related

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Wait, you don't remember Mars War Logs? Neither do I, actually. Developer Spiders delivered a gameplay trailer out of nowhere for the upcoming sci-fi RPG, and it takes a look at the surprisingly fluid-looking combat taking place on a terraformed Red Planet colony. I'm feeling a strong Witcher-meets-Arkham vibe here: kinetic, reactive attack combos supplemented with supportive abilities and a three-branched skill tree. Oh, and rolling. Lots of rolling.

New Sherlock Holmes game Crimes & Punishments announced, features moral choices

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Developer Frogwares has revealed the latest entry in their long-running series of Sherlock Holmes-based adventure games, one of which resulted in the most terrifying video on YouTube. While their previous games haven't strayed too far from the Jeremy Brett school of Holmes, there are changes afoot for The Great Detective's latest mystery, a couple of which appear more than elementary. This new game comes with a new Sherlock, who publisher Focus Home describe as a "more modern character perfectly matching the new artistic ambitions of the title." The released screenshots suggest that statement can be translated as 'Sherlock's not wearing a coat', an act which was close to scandalous in Victorian times.

Of Orcs and Men screenshots confirm that it isn't easy being green

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Cyanide's upcoming RPG Of Orcs and Men is something like Inglorious Basterds minus Brad Pitt and with more shirtless, musclebound orc powerhouses. The plot staple of an eternal struggle between humankind and all things green gets a new perspective -- the player is placed in the shoes of Arkail, a renowned orc warrior seeking to end enslavement and slaughter at the hands of men by directing more violence at the Emperor. See today's new screenshots inside...

Realms of Ancient War trailer shows off co-op, colorful selection disks

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Something's amiss in Wizarbox's action-RPG Realms of Ancient War. It's got slashing swords and magical mayhem galore, but what's needed is the evil-vanquishing power of friendship. Publisher Focus Home released a trailer today showcasing War's 2-player co-op support - if you've the stomach of steel to push past the spastic camera movements, you'll find a potentially entertaining monster genocide awaiting you and your buddy. And remember: loot creates compromise, not conflict. Now give me that gauntlet.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes E3 trailer features angry Watson monologuing in a puddle

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The E3 trailer for Frogwares' upcoming third person detect-'em-up suggests that the adventure game dev is after a bit of Rockstar's flare. There's a touch of L.A. Noire to its cinematic presentation of Victorian London, which we're invited to freely roam around while discovering "the dark side of Sherlock Holmes."

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is due out in September.

Wargame: European Escalation review

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Game of Thrones RPG gets first trailer, shows lots of running

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Update: I found another trailer! It has stabbing. It's after the break.

Original story: The Old Republic could have been a Game of Thrones MMO, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. However, for those hoping to role-play their way through Westeros, there's still hope. Cyanide's putting the finishing touches on a single-player side-story that's set for release in "early 2012," and now it has a trailer (via Eurogamer) that could safely be described as existent.