Fallout: Project Brazil

Fallout: New Vegas mod Project Brazil adds a new vault, campaign and stat-focused gameplay

Ian Birnbaum at

Project Brazil a mod project for Fallout: New Vegas is the type of labor of love that makes the PC modding community a very special thing. The mod features a new Fallout 3-size map, a new vault, an original cast and 5,000 lines of professional quality dialog from over 20 actors. Creator Brandon Lee headed a small team of dedicated die-hards who spent four years building an unofficial sequel so they could release it into the great big internet for absolutely free.

Fallout: Project Brazil mod is a full prequel campaign to New Vegas

Omri Petitte at

Fallout: New Vegas deviated from the post-apocalyptic franchise's extreme isolationism by populating its ruins with lots of people, smelly dogs, and those freaking annoying butterfly-hornet things. The wastelands seemed alive—but the tale of how people flocked to New Vegas remains untold. Until now: The in-development Fallout: Project Brazil mod sets up the backstory.