Europa Universalis

Europa Universalis 4 release date set for August, pre-orders now live

Phil Savage at

Paradox have revealed the date of their upcoming grand strategy sequel, Europa Universalis IV. You'll be able to trade, war, diplomatize and explorate your empire towards global dominance come August 13th. In celebration of the announcement, the studio has released a trailer showing 47 seconds of hot cartographic action.

Paradox outlines vision for March of the Eagles in developer diary

Omri Petitte at

It's the early 1800s. You're an innocuous European country reaping the Industrial Revolution's benefits to your populace and industry. Suddenly, a diminutive Corsican boy rolls in with a lot of horses and loud explosions to disrupt your Good Times. Yep, it's the Napoleonic era, and it's the setting for Paradox's upcoming March of the Eagles. The developer posted a diary entry summarizing the design direction of your future strategery.