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Yes, GLaDOS' voice is in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim

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Contrary to the norm, Hollywood isn't entirely composed of heartless corporate robots. It has people, too, and when not fetching oil martinis for their robot overlords, they like playing games. Take director Guillermo del Toro, for example. Sure, his latest science-fiction epic, Pacific Rim, tips its hat to the Japanese monster films of old with supersized bot-on-brute action, but that's probably not why its debut trailer caught onto gaming circles so quickly. Watch for yourself, but more importantly, listen carefully.

Dota 2 release date coming "this fall" says voice actor

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The voice of the Sniper in Team Fortress 2, John Patrick Lowrie, has been talking on the Impetuous Windmills podcast about his recent work voicing heroes for Dota 2. He says that Valve are "planning on releasing it in the fall," and drops details on the seven heroes that he's done voices for already. The roster includes a couple of old favourites from previous versions of Dota, the butcher, Pudge and the lightning fast Storm Spirit.

Exclusive Portal 2 BLC!

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That’s bakeable, luscious content—available exclusively from PC Gamer!

When PC Gamer first chatted with GLaDOS voice actress Ellen McLain after the release of the original Portal, our conversation with the affable, multi-talentedaward-winner naturally turned to baked goods. As a native Southerner, McLain is naturally fond of Red Velvet Cake. But when she goes into the kitchen, what comes out is a plate of delicious, toasty, aromatic Pecan Tassies.

Now PC Gamer is proud to present the very first Portal 2 BLC: Ellen McLain’s own recipe for Pecan Tassies. We recommend baking four batches over the weekend and enjoying them in frequent breaks between co-op missions.