Edvin Aedma

Teleglitch review

Phil Savage at

In Teleglitch, you’re never safe. Your assessment of your performance will change in an instant. “I’m doing brilliantly! Health, weapons, ammo, armour, a large tube...” You enter a room.

Zombies swarm out of pipes. You back away, firing, attracting the attention of a hulking armoured robo-beast. Suddenly, you have barely any health, a couple of pistol rounds, a large tube.

This is level three. Of ten.

Teleglitch: a shooty real-time roguelike with crafting, Science

Tom Sykes at

If you've room in your life for another sci-firoguelike, then you might want to give Teleglitch a look. It's a top-down real-time roguelike shooter that reminds me of Alien Breed, and those are some words that look very good together indeed.