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Notch doesn't think Mojang deserves to be held up next to Valve

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In a show of humility, Notch expressed skepticism over Twitter after Edge Magazine named Mojang the number two game studio working today. The emperors of indie came in just behind Valve at the top spot, with the two of them making up the only PC developers in the top five.

Check out the massive Dark Souls 2 feature in Edge magazine's free iPad sampler

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Notoriously difficult, cold and unforgiving - but enough about the staff of Edge magazine! The latest issue contains a massive ten pages on From Software's sequel to the ruthless Dark Souls, and you can read it all for NO MONEY buy snapping up the mag's iPad sampler.

Edge put every Edge cover ever online

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This won't come as a surprise, but we're quite fond of magazines here at PCG. We also quite like gaming history. And pictures. Our friends at Edge have posted a gallery of every single Edge cover ever, stretching all the way back to issue ZERO, published back in 1993. That's almost 19 years worth of images and cover lines reflecting the gaming issues of the day. Dive head first into the time warp on the Edge-Online site.

There's a big bookcase stuffed full of every issue of PC Gamer UK ever in the corner of the office. I don't go over there very often because it smells like old, but it feels as though we could dust some down and put them online. Would you like to see us do something similar?

Notch takes Edge award for best indie of 2010. Provides amusing video evidence

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Minecraft creator Notch has taken an Edge award for the best indie game of 2010. And he loves looking at it from different angles. Click more for video evidence set to a familiar youTube anthem, and an interview with the hatted genius.