Star Citizen interview with Chris Roberts at E3 2014

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We've played Star Citizen's Arena Commander module and gotten our first taste of dogfighting in Chris Roberts' new universe. At E3 2014, we had time to talk to the man himself. Roberts gave us all kinds of information about the current state of Star Citizen and what's coming in the next two years. He talks about the Oculus Rift, planetside gameplay, server architecture, and much more.

Lucky's Tale interview: Paul Bettner on crafting a 3D platformer for the Oculus Rift

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The most surprising, charming game I played at E3 was on the Oculus Rift, but it wasn't bullet-dodger Superhot or fright factory Alien Isolation. It was platformer Lucky's Tale, which looks and plays a whole lot like 3D Mario. But man oh man, does VR make a difference. The sense of depth it adds is immediately helpful and immersive, and I knew immediately VR would have been a killer feature in a game like Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U. But Lucky's Tale will be a PC, Oculus Rift exclusive, launching alongside the consumer version of the Rift at an unannounced future date. The demo was so exciting, I had to find out more.

In my last E3 appointment, I spent 30 minutes talking with creator Paul Bettner about how his studio stumbled onto the idea of doing a traditional platformer in VR, the technical challenges of nailing the VR camera, and the future of Oculus hardware.

PC Gamer Podcast #378 - E3 Potpourri

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Evan and Wes are back from E3, joining Tyler and Cory to discuss the best games they saw. The list goes Far Cry 4, No Man's Sky, Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, Dragon Age Inquisition, Assassin's Creed Unity, Evolve, Batman: Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Oculus Rift DK2, and a game designed just for Evan, Rainbow Six Siege. Read up on all of them in our Best of E3 Awards.

Alienware Alpha: impressions of the $550 Windows 8.1 Steam Machine

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I met with Alienware at E3 2014 to look at the only prominent PC at the show: the Alienware Alpha, a miniature Steam Machine going on sale around the end of the year. This Steam Machine won't be running Valve's Linux-based SteamOS, or ship with a Steam Controller, though—when Valve delayed final releases of both to next year, Alienware decided to switch to Windows 8.1 with a custom UI and boot sequence that launches straight into Steam Big Picture. What I saw was an early, rough version of that UI, but Alienware made it clear that you shouldn't ever have to see Windows when you boot up the box. Unless, of course, you want to.

The PC Gamer E3 Awards - The 10 Best PC Games of E3 2014

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We made it. E3 2014 is over, and we survived the onslaught of Mario and Nathan Drake and Master Chief, pushing our way past the console exclusives to find the best PC games hidden within the massive LA convention center. Surprisingly, the search wasn't too hard. We saw and played more amazing PC games than we expected, from promising indies to big-budget stunners. It wasn't easy to narrow down our best-in-show, but here it is: our list of the 10 best PC games of E3 2014.

I played Shroud of the Avatar with Richard Garriott: the cult of Lord British is alive and well

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E3 dips into the surreal for me at least once a day. Usually it's because I see someone I recognize in a meeting or walking down the halls, but then I realize I don't actually know them, I just feel like I do because I follow them on Twitter. Today E3 was surreal because I played Shroud of the Avatar with Richard Garriott and Starr Long, the father of Ultima and the director of Ultima Online. We played online, from the E3 show floor, and when Garriott said hi in-game to a Kickstarter backer, I got a glimpse at the cult of Lord British that still exists to this day.

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty trailer is surprisingly dramatic

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Wow, that's not what I expected from an Oddworld trailer. Abe's Oddysee certainly had its moments of drama, but—within that drama—it also had fart jokes. This, the new E3 trailer for the revamped version, has the tone and style of a game that contains no farting whatsoever. Where are our farts, devs?

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trailer shows moon-based dancing, argyle guns

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The only thing potentially sillier than this Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trailer would be the expectation that it would be anything other than silly. As you watch, you'll hover on a knife's edge between thinking "this is brilliant," and "this is genuinely the worse thing that I've ever seen, and everybody involved should be arrested." Which way will you fall? There's only one way to find out...

Dead Rising 3 announced for PC, will release this Summer

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And another E3 announcement misses the conference. Earlier this week, Dead Rising 3 appeared on the Steam database, leading to speculation that it was coming to PC. Capcom have now confirmed that speculation with a trailer, and with the words "Dead Rising 3 for PC".

World of Warships trailer prepares for E3 with palpable suspense

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Tanks: brash, loud and angry. Planes: flighty, nimble and aloof. Ships? 'Booming' is the word that comes to mind, especially in light of this E3 trailer for World of Warships. It might as well feature a nearby group of monks, slowly chanting "boats, boats, boats, boats..."

Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy's The Division, a third-person shooter MMORPG set after a plague

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Tom Clancy’s The Division, announced today at Ubisoft's E3 press conference, is an open world third-person shooter MMORPG set in the destroyed ruins of a plague-ridden New York City. Ubisoft Massive, developers of parts of Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, will be the studio in charge of development—check out the first trailer inside.

Indie presence at E3 will "force big developers to compete with compelling gameplay"

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The winners of Indies Crash E3, an initiative to send ten indie studios to Los Angeles' AAA-dominated mega-tradeshow, have just been announced—but this isn't just a feelgood project to get some lesser-known names in the limelight. The ten winners will be affecting some serious change in the entire industry, says Ian Kinsey, director of SemiFormal Studios and the Indies Crash E3 project.

Editorial: E3 doesn't care about the PC

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The Game Critics Awards are a big deal. They're the Metacriticization of E3: after the show, more than 30 publications vote on 20 categories of awards, their ballots swimming together like a school of trophy-shaped fish. (PC Gamer is a few of those fish, too.)

This year’s awards were announced on Tuesday. And among those 20 categories this year, zero PC-exclusive games won. That happened in 2011, too. I’m confused and livid about that. We’reinthemiddleofaPCgamingrenaissance—as a body of critics, shouldn’t our awards reflect that?

Day Z + Arma 3 interview -- on Left 4 Dead, Skyrim, player emotion, and in-game disease

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Dean Hall is all enthusiasm. He lacks any of the jaded demeanor you sometimes associate with experienced developers. He doesn’t caveat his development promises. Every other sentence he speaks is a solution to another issue in Day Z or the Arma engine itself: to the respawn system, to server architecture, to shadow distances, to VON, to pesky survivor groups that aren't dying.

The creator of Day Z has ordered the carbonara. We've walked to an Italian restaurant down the street from E3—Hall's first—and our table is circled by variously-famished Arma royalty: both of Bohemia Interactive’s Creative Directors, Jay Crowe (lasagna) and Ivan Buchta (pizza) are here. So is community star Dslyecxi (a calzone), who wrote the book on pro Arma. Hall's wearing white DC sneakers, beat-up jeans, and a black t-shirt that asks “Anyone in Cherno?” in homemade, screen-printed letters.

For the next two hours, we talk about Day Z and Arma. This is the most exciting time in the history of both games. As thousands of new players surge into a spin-off of the sim, Bohemia is preparing Arma 3. There’s too much to talk about.

PC Gamer's staff favorites of E3

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There were a lot of great games at E3 this year, but only one can be the best. PC Gamer's editors pick their favorites from the show floor.

Dragon Nest's Tinkerer class takes on bad guys with a million-barrel gun

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Nexon just announced the next class for their cute-yet-deceptively-fierce action-combat MMO, Dragon Nest. The Tinkerer is all about big wrenches, bigger weapons, and using technology to bash her more fantasy weapon-inclined foes.

Nexon released gameplay and behind-the-scenes videos for the class. Take a look for more info on the new class.

Dishonored video shows mission walkthrough, emergent stealth, stabbing and brutal grenades

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Here's CVG's Tim Clark talking to lead technical designer, Matt Bare about some of the ideas going into Dishonored. A huge toolbox of skills allows you to take on Dishonored's targets with brutal creativity. As master assassin, Corvo, you can freeze time, blast enemies off rooftops and possess any living creature you see, including the humans perched atop Dunwall's sinister strider guards.

All this and more was on show in the mission walkthrough that's been shown at E3 this week. This IGN video shows two different approaches to the same mission. One involves a rampage with a hand-crossbow and some scary shredder mines, the other involves possessing a fish. Check it out.

Dawnguard video interview talks Vampire Lords and Riften's plastic surgeon

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Dawnguard art director Matt Carofano meets up with one of our E3 colleagues in Bethesda's E3 armoury to talk over the features we can expect from Dawnguard. Here's a summary of many of those new additions, and some Dawnguard screenshots showing the Soul Cairn realm, crossbows and Vampire lords that'll be added in the update. Carofano mentions that it's out later this month, but that's only on Xbox 360, sadly. It'll probably be a few weeks before it turns up on PC, which I greet with a feeling of disappointment that can only be communicated through the infinite sadness of dogs.

Battlefield 3 Armoured Kill AC-130 detailed, Aftermath set in post-earthquake Tehran

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DICE revealed more details about the upcoming vehicle-centric DLC pack, Armoured Kill, in a live chat on Origin yesterday. There were many questions about the AC-130 gunship shown in the recently released Armoured Kill screenshots. DLC lead designer Niklas Fegraeus provided some answers.

To get the AC-130, your team must first capture a base, at which point it will spawn and start taking its own route around the map. There are two gunner seats equipped with a 25mm autocannon and "a big cannon." The gunship will also act as a roaming spawn point, so the remaining members of your squad can choose to para-drop from the gunship on respawn.

Watch Dogs coming out on PC in 2013

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As spotted by VG24/7, the official Watch Dogs Twitter account confirmed earlier in the week that Ubisoft's open world phone-hacking and face-shooting action game will be released on PC next year.

We already knew that Ubisoft's impressive demo of the game was running on a high-end PC, but it's good to get confirmation that it's coming our way - and hopefully day and date with the consoles. It's possible that the PC is listed first because the 'consoles' being referred to are Microsoft and Sony's next generation offerings. Nonetheless, it's nice to get a proper confirmation at this early stage.

It was revealed earlier in the week that the second character seen in the reveal demo was in fact another player. “Online is in the DNA of Watch Dogs” said executive producer Dominic Guay.