E3 2013

E3 is the biggest computer and video games showcase running June 11-13, 2013, at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. It will feature announcements of new PC games, new PC technology and new PC hardware. Keep checking PCGamer for regular news and video updates.

Rumor: Telltale Games working on a Game of Thrones game

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Telltale Games, the creators of distinctive games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, are reportedly working on a game based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, more famously known as Game of Thrones. Which parts of the Westerosi universe and what timeframe the game might follow are unclear, but the prospect isn’t coming completely out of the blue. Telltale’s most successful work has been with licensed properties like Fables and The Walking Dead, and Telltale’s founder has been vocal about the studio’s pursuit of new licenses.

Stone Wardens announced, new tower defense RPG hits Kickstarter

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Indie developer Burst Online Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter project for Stone Wardens, its upcoming tower defense/RPG hybrid. Stone Wardens mixes tower defense mechanics with cooperative 4-player action and light role playing mechanics. Players choose one of at least four wardens, guardians from the game’s bright, Pixar-influenced world, and use a combination of active skills, pet-like familiars and statues of ancient, ancestral guardians to defend against the game’s Invader enemies.

Dark Souls 2 hands-on: Four deaths in 15 minutes

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Considering how brutal Dark Souls is—a brutality that keeps many gamers at arm’s length–it’d be easy to think that its sequel would try to be more inviting for new players. My fears of a kinder, gentler game plagued my wait in line for the Dark Souls 2 E3 demo, even as I watched players ahead of me get crushed by the low-level undead warriors that populate the first halls.

What we want from Star Wars: Battlefront

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A new Battlefront game is one of those holy grails of PC gaming that we’ve all been dreaming about since we were losing sleep to Battlefront 2 in 2005. Now that we’ve got confirmation that DICE is working on the next chapter in the Battlefront saga, our heads are spinning with hopes and dreams from a galaxy far, far away. Here’s what we want from the new Battlefront.

PC Gamer Podcast #356 - Scrolls and Skrulls

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This week, we're finally going to finish talking about E3. We promise. Specifically, which games from the show that might come to the PC do we want to see on our platform the most? Plus, we go in-depth on Mojang's new card battle game thing, Scrolls. And T.J. claims to actually enjoy Marvel Heroes, but how do we really know he wasn't replaced by some kind of alien bent on the subjugation of Earth?

Bethesda VP: Prey 2 hasn't been shown because it "simply isn't good enough"

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Prey 2 has been mired in dispute for years, with warring factions Bethesda and Human Head surfacing occasionally to blame each other for the troubled development of the now-stalled sequel to Prey. Earlier this month, Human Head alleged that Bethesda stalled the game for political reasons to force a buyout. At the time, Bethesda had no comment. Now? Bethesda vice president of PR Pete Hines has all the comments.

Every game at E3 2013 and its PC release outlook

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Now that the blinding glare of every major publisher simultaneously projecting marketing at us has dimmed, we have a clearer picture of what E3 2013 revealed, what's important to us, and what we expect to be playing on PC within the next couple years. And here it all is.

Dean Hall: "I would love to make a DayZ turn-based Jagged Alliance game."

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DayZ creator Dean Hall is full of ideas. On the heels of his successful Mount Everest climb, he's already talking about the next game he wants to make: a mountaineering game. But speaking with him at E3, that isn't the only game concept gestating in the New Zealander's brain: Hall has an interest in making a turn-based version of DayZ, too.

In this first segment of our conversation, Hall details what a Jagged Alliance-ified DayZ might look like. Come back tomorrow for a continuation of our interview that focuses on DayZ standalone and Hall's mountaineering game.

The Division will ask players to rebuild New York's infrastructure

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Ubisoft made a big splash with Tom Clancy's The Division at E3 this year (it was one of our favorite things at the show), but aside from a gameplay video and some outrageous noise about the game possibly not coming to PC, real details have been thin on the ground. Enter Ubisoft’s official blog, with a huge pile of info about the upcoming open-world MMORPG. Communication Manager (and former PCG (Editor-in-Chief) Gary Steinman laid out a ton of specifics, so let’s dive right in.

DayZ creator Dean Hall answers a slew of questions, from suicide to safe zones

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DayZ creator and lead designer Dean Hall sat down and answered questions submitted and voted on by the r/DayZ community. Reddit user DrBigMoney compiled the questions and sent them around to media outlets, and VG24/7 managed to get Hall on camera to answer.

PC Gamer Podcast 355 - E3 2013

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With our time at E3 2013 last week still fresh in our minds, Logan, Evan, Tyler, and new managing editor Cory Banks sit down to talk about what we saw, played, liked, and didn't at the show.

Explore the nature of mankind in PC Gamer Podcast 355 - E3 2013.

Randall: a dystopian action platfomer with mind control

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"This looks cool, we should post about it," I thought, instantly raising my suspicion. Does action platformer Randall look cool? Maybe E3 was, in fact, a long bombardment of hypnotically suggestive lights and sounds, and instead of a charmingly animated side-scroller, what we're really seeing is a strobing message ordering us to be mildly intrigued by the concept and promise shown in this supposed announcement trailer.

PC Gamer's Best of E3 2013

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Once you got past the spectacle of Microsoft and Sony competing for the honor of delivering the console that promised to annoy gamers the least, it was impossible not to see a fantastic year ahead for PC gamers. Across every genre and from the biggest studios to the greenest fledgling indies we found something on the show floor (an overwhelming arena of animatronic monsters, light shows, and pounding wubwub) to arouse PC gamers of every stripe. So that wasn’t the problem. The tough part was winnowing down the list of nominees for our Best in Show accolades.

Nvidia heralds PC as the "best gaming experience" in E3 press conference

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Nvidia did some well-deserved strutting at E3 yesterday, showing off the superiority of the PC as a gaming platform. With charts and graphs and maybe just a teeny tiny hint of bitterness that AMD processors are powering both the PS4 and the Xbox One, Nvidia’s Tony Tamasi told the room that “the PC is the most powerful gaming platform out there.”

The Evil Within interview accompanies a gameplay demo that is nasty, brutish, and short

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Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within made the rounds at E3 this week, with Bethesda’s VP of marketing and PR, Pete Hines, giving interviews and doling out screenshots. During a video interview with PlayStation Blog’s Sid Shuman, however, the real story was playing out behind the interview, where a gameplay demo can be seen.

Thief screenshots show stealth and whacking

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Thief was appropriately - if surprisingly - quiet this E3. We caught the odd brief glimpse: most tangibly a bizarre CGI trailer that explained little besides Garrett's love of bows and pinching thing. Now OPM have caught sight of something slinking through the darkness. Hey, it's screenshots! Get 'em!

The Witcher 3 screenshots show beautiful scenery, frightening monsters, lots of horse bum

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It seems a safe bet that exploring The Witcher 3's open world will involve more than a few hours of staring at the back end of a horse. That's the impression you'll get from these E3 screenshots, which were collected up by All Games Beta. In addition to the beastly backsides, we also get a look at the game's weird monsters and incredible environments.

Hands and eyes-on with the high-def Oculus Rift prototype

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The Oculus Rift is a lightweight, boxy head-mounted display that covers your eyes and blows your mind. Once properly adjusted so that its interior screens are aligned with each of your eyes (stabilized by a single elastic strap that runs behind your head) , the image snaps into focus and you're plunged into a virtual environment, free to look around in any direction independent of your mouse movements. You can keep firing at anything ahead of you in your path while, say, you look behind yourself over your shoulder for enemies creeping up behind you, or quickly glance upwards to admire the nice ornamental work on the ceiling.

Best E3 trailers of 2013

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This year's conference has been the best in years. We've seen lots of footage of announced games, and almost as much of until-now unannounced ones. Check our list to keep up with the best PC games of E3 2013, discover six reasons why the PC is winning the show and read our take on the press conference that PC gamers deserve for an overview of all that's gone on in the last few action-packed days in PC land.

To boot, we've also pulled all of the best videos of the show into one place so you can absorb moving images of the finest games on the show floor this year and decide which ones look most promising. Make a nice hot drink and enjoy the best that the show has to offer.

The Evil Within is "pure survival horror" says Bethesda VP Hines

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Bethesda marketing vice president Pete Hines has been making the interview rounds at E3 to talk about work on The Evil Within, an upcoming survival-horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. In a new Rev3Games interview Hines throws out some intriguing new details about the development process, Japanese versus "western" games, and as well as what it takes to scare people in 2013.