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Strider being remade by Capcom, plans to flip onto PCs next year

Phil Savage at

Strider! Apparently it was a beloved side-scrolling arcade platformer made by Capcom. It's coming back, for PC and other electronic entertainment devices. This is probably good news. Unfortunately, Britain never had the same arcade culture enjoyed by America and Japan. Sometimes you'd find the occasional cabinet devoted to synapse-firing displays of sound and light. More often, it was rows of machines where you'd insert a penny, which would fall into a pile of pennies, and maybe help push more pennies out for you to collect. You didn't really want to win those - there are very few situations in which having to carry a lot of pennies is a 'reward'.

What I'm basically saying is that I'm not familiar with the original series. Luckily, there's a trailer that shows off this return.

Front Mission Evolved PC review

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Boy’s father disappears, boy hops in giant robot suit to find him, boy is inadvertently drafted into the army. Front Mission Evolved’s story is a timeless classic if I ever heard one.