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FEAR 3 review

Tom Francis at

F.3.A.R. – pronounced ‘fthreear’ – stands for First Threencounter Assault & Recon. As in the first game, only slightly more coherently titled First Encounter Assault & Recon, you play a time-slowing action hero called Point Man.

Fthreear’s refusal to give you a less stupid name becomes increasingly awkward as it puts more and more focus on the conflicted relationship between you and your dead telepathic evil ghost brother Paxton Fettel. I’m going to stop talking about the plot now, hope that’s OK.

FEAR 3 screens show haunted department store and deadly telekinesis

Tom Senior at

A series of new FEAR 3 shots have been released, showing scenes from a wrecked department store, infested with mad cultists and unfriendly creatures. We get to see the Alma, the ever-charismatic Pointman and psychic maestro of death, Paxton Fettel dealing damage to evildoers. You'll find the new shots embedded below.