Dawnguard released on Steam

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Like some kind of sneaky Dunmer, Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion showed up on Steam this afternoon acting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The release coincides with Bethesda's presence at QuakeCon, which began today in Dallas. Skyrim is also currently on sale for $30, and with Dawnguard priced at $20, you can get them both for less than the normal price of Skyrim by itself. The forests of Riften will be filled with howls this night...

Dawnguard PC info coming "later this week"

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Last week Bethesda VP of marketing Pete Hines had us a little bit worried when he said last week that Bethesda "have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform." Follow up messages suggested that the tweet was designed to diffuse expectations of an imminent Dawnguard release on PC and PS3, but it was all a bit vague.

This post on Blue's News suggests that the situation will be resolved shortly. In a response to a twitter question asking if Dawnguard has been cancelled for PC, Hines reiterated that "nothing has been said/announced about it," but added that "we should have info later this week."

Dawnguard video interview talks Vampire Lords and Riften's plastic surgeon

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Dawnguard art director Matt Carofano meets up with one of our E3 colleagues in Bethesda's E3 armoury to talk over the features we can expect from Dawnguard. Here's a summary of many of those new additions, and some Dawnguard screenshots showing the Soul Cairn realm, crossbows and Vampire lords that'll be added in the update. Carofano mentions that it's out later this month, but that's only on Xbox 360, sadly. It'll probably be a few weeks before it turns up on PC, which I greet with a feeling of disappointment that can only be communicated through the infinite sadness of dogs.

Bethesda teases Dawnguard Skyrim DLC

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Developer Bethesda’s blog has just released a piece of promotional art for something called “Dawnguard,” showing our old pal Dovahkiin with some wicked-looking, glowing orange eyes. The only details provided beyond the image are “Coming this summer to Xbox 360. More details at E3.” (Thanks for leaving the PC explicitly out of your announcement. We appreciate it. Really.)