Dark Side of the Moon

GDC 2013: 18 indie games in 50 words

Dan Griliopoulos at

At GDC, we spend most of our time ogling industry legends and running madly from one amazing talk to another—but what we don't always get time to do is see lots of indie games, except in passing, and we're running so fast they're all red-shifted and wrong. Thankfully, the Indie Mixer allows a chance to quickly experience lots of games without the commitment of a single embarassing preview—a bit like speed dating as opposed to getting set up by a mutual friend.

So, here's 20 of the unreleased games on show last night with a snap judgement on each one to show that we don't mind reviewing betas, alphas, or even epsilons. You can see more about these games and the ones we didn't get to try at the event's official website.

Shedding (some) light on Eskil Steenberg's Dark Side of the Moon

Tom Sykes at

Love's Eskil Steenberg (that's the game, not the emotion, which is owned by Hasbro) has just uploaded a video of his latest project, which it turns out is called Dark Side of the Moon. Actually, that's a codename - considering his previous title, it's probably going to be called something like Hate, Envy or Ennui. Anyway, it's a "real-time strategy stealth action game", as RPS observe. Impressively, that's almost all the genres in one place. To see a very quiet video of Dark Side in action, strategically creep beneath the break.