Dark Matter

Dark Matter apparently incomplete, GOG offers refunds and revises game description

Ian Birnbaum at

Dark Matter, the 2D sci-fi horror game that went up for sale on GOG and Steam late last week, isn’t everything it purported to be. After about five hours of play the character enters a room, the doors slam shut, and an on-screen message informs the player that the game is over. Players and developers are currently arguing over whether the game is “complete,” but the discrepancy is enough that GOG has begun to offer refunds to buyers.

Sidescrolling sci-fi survival horror Dark Matter hits Steam and GOG.com

Tom Sykes at

InterWave Studios' Dark Matter has been fairly quiet for the past year or so, but out of the blue the 2D sci-fi survival horror/Metroidvania has turned up on Steam and GOG.com. It's a game about crafting, about light and darkness, and of course about shooting creepy-crawly aliens in dimly lit hallways. Trailer after the break.