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38 Studios auction finds no buyers for Kingdoms of Amalur rights, "Copernicus" MMO

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An auction to sell off the assets of shuttered game developer 38 Studios found no buyers for either its unfinished MMO—known as Project Copernicus—or the rights to RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, according to a report in the Providence Journal. The Wednesday auction was part of an ongoing effort to recover funds following the bankruptcy and closure of the Rhode Island developer in 2012.

Kingdoms of Amalur studio lays off entire workforce

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Things took a downward turn for the Kingdoms of Amalur studio this month when they failed to make a big repayment to the state of Rhode Island. They soon managed to foot the bill, but missed payroll and lost their CEO shortly after. Now Gamasutra report that everyone at 38 Studios and Big Huge Games has been laid off with this email.

Kingdoms of Amalur devs in difficulty after missing state loan payment

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38 Studios appear to be having some problems paying back hefty loans owed to the state of Rhode Island. Blue's News highlight a report from the Boston Herald saying that the studio missed a $1.1m payment at the start of the month and are now requesting more money.

Studio founder and former baseball star Curt Schilling held a private meeting with state officials earlier today to discuss the state of the company. Afterwards, officials responded by deciding to not decide anything for a short while. With taxpayer money on the line, the studio could face hard times ahead.

Kingdoms of Amalur MMO due "later in the year" says artist

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Comic book artist and Kingdoms of Amalur designer, Todd McFarlane, has been to Start about his work on Amalur. About halfway through he mentioned that the team is still working on building a full scale Kingdoms of Amalur MMO and says that "it's supposed to come out later in the year."

McFarlane told Start about a conversation he had with Amalur backer and baseball player, Curt Schilling, in which he voiced his concerns about releasing Reckoning before the MMO. "If Reckoning comes out first before your MMO, which we're still working on, it's supposed to come out later in the year, and that comes out and it lays an egg, I don't understand what your marketing campaign is," he said.