Crytek: It's "impossible" for next-gen consoles to compete with PCs

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Though Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli is under a non-disclosure agreement from both Microsoft and Sony to not MAXIMUM BEAN-SPILL details on their next-gen console reveals, that doesn't prevent him from preaching a bit to the Nanosuited choir. Speaking to Eurogamer, Yerli flatly proclaims the hardware rift between modular PC setups and the upcoming console family makes it "impossible" for the latter to match beefy battlestations.

Crysis 3 console commands and config settings allow MAXIMUM TWEAKING

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Sure, you could configure Crysis 3 using the in-game options menu, but real pros update their volumetric water shadows in real time. EA has sent Gamefront a full list of the console commands available for the GPU-bothering FPS. The commands can be modified during singleplayer sessions by accessing the console - either through the tilde key in the US, or the collection of largely pointless punctuation in the same spot on Brit-based keyboards. (It's the key above Tab, wherever you happen to live.)

Crysis 3 review

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An action hero’s weapon is an extension of their identity. They’re inseparable implements, representative of their approach to combat and justice. Bond’s silenced PPK. Batman’s iconic boomerang. Mjölnir and Thor. Even Popeye’s transformative spinach says something about him as a character.

What does the Nanosuit say about its wearer in Crysis?

Vietcry mod for Crysis presents the Vietnam War with more kaboom and less Kubrick

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Ok, so maybe Vietcry doesn't deviate that steeply from Crysis—they're both about shooting bewildered soldiers in the middle of a jungle—but the Vietnam War is a natural setting for the lush canopies and open maps of the FPS. Skirting the war's more dramatic tussles with morality and politics enshrined in classic films such as Apocalypse Now, the German-made Vietcry hands you the guns but yanks the pivotal Nanosuit and its maximum overpowered-ness.

Crysis 3 trailer sends Nano-man into space

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Crysis' playable, rubbery nano-fellow is left maximum screwed by the final scenes of the latest Crysis 3 trailer, which strand him in space with nothing to shoot. If his suit has Twitter, he can @mention Commander Chris Hadfield for a pick-up, otherwise he'll be forced to latch on to a passing alien mothership and earn a shot at obliterating the alien menace for good.

It looks like there may be an interstellar finale in store, but much of the game will be about shooting men 'n mechs on Earth. You'll get plenty of that from the first four minutes of the latest trailer, which you'll find below.

Crytek reaffirms goal for free-to-play transition within five years

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Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has been talking about the developer's "inevitable future" in the free-to-play market as far back as last June, but he's still making sure we're extra aware of the coming change. Speaking to VentureBeat, Yerli predicts it'll take Crytek around two to five years to fully transition to making "triple-A, free-to-play games for the world market."

Crytek USA won't develop Darksiders III

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Darksiders developer Vigil Games wasn't sold at last month's auction of THQ's assets. That was the end of Vigil, but not its staff: rather than buying Vigil whole, Crytek left it on the auction block and later hired many of its laid-off employees to form Crytek USA in Austin. Crytek's new ex-Vigil staffed studio, however, won't be making Darksiders III. In an interview with VentureBeat, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli explained that Crytek wanted the people, but not the product.

Crytek form new studio, fill it with ex-Vigil staff

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The aftermath of the THQ bankruptcy left Darksiders developer Vigil without a buyer. But while the studio has been closed down, many of its former staffers may have found a happy end to the sorry saga. Crytek have founded a new studio in Austin, Texas, with Vigil's co-founder David Adams in place as its CEO. The new development house - Crytek USA Corp. - has been filled with "core" members of the Vigil team.

CryEngine 3 video shows off Crysis 3's technical wizardry

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Crytek, the developer that turned God rays into an FPS staple, is demonstrating no less ambition in Crysis 3. In this lengthy video (via VG247), Crytek Field Applications Engineer Sean Tracy takes you on a tour of the full spectrum of capabilities within CryEngine 3 and the visual and physical effects they support.

Crysis 3 public multiplayer beta launches next week

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Crytek are providing the chance to hone your predatory instincts in preparation for the launch of Crysis 3. A two week open multiplayer beta will be running from January 29 - February 12. The test will give players a chance to try out two maps and two multiplayer modes, including the return of Crysis 2's king-of-the-hill style Crash Site, and the hide and stab fun of new addition Hunter. Here's a video rundown of the two modes that I found cloaked in our archives.

The WARFACE closed beta is now live

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How's your face? It's not looking particularly warry, but I know of a way you can fix that. The Warface closed beta - sorry, the WARFACE closed beta - is now live. Simply sign up on the site for a chance to replace your face with a more war-hardened one. Also, to play a game of soldiers in an upcoming CryEngine3-powered online shooter.

Crysis 3's latest trailer tours the innards of its new gun

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After the last video inexplicably decided to be backwards, I was wondering what the gimmick for the next in Crysis 3's 7 Wonders series would be. Maybe it would play upside-down, or entirely in sepia, or be madly rotating like a hyper-violent level of Super Hexagon. Turns out it was none of the above. Instead, we get a somewhat fetishistic view of the game's new Typhoon gun. Think the opening to Fight Club, with sci-fi weaponry replacing Edward Norton's head and face.

Crysis 3 trailer explodes in reverse like a hyperviolent Coldplay video

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Crysis' bionic being of pure muscle shoots men back to life in the latest Crysis 3 trailer, which shows a killing spree in reverse for no good reason beyond the fact that it looks funny when he un-kicks a confused guard onto a ledge. If time reversal is a new suit power, Crytek haven't mentioned it, though I imagine a bit of backwards bullet time would be pretty useful if you'd just fluffed an action scene by farting or falling over. Not that that proved any help at all to Chris Martin in Coldplay's 2002 video for The Scientist - a tragic short film about a man who crashes in Grid but lacks the flashbacks to save his girlfriend from death :(

Crysis 3 is out on February 19 in the US, February 21 in Europe and Australia, and March 7 in Japan. Trailer follows.

Crytek: Crysis 4 might not be an FPS

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After the glossy trilogy's completion, Crytek could explore other genres for the Crysis franchise. Speaking to Dusty Cartridge, Crytek Producer Michael Read said he believed the don't-call-it-Crysis-4 sequel would keep the saga going, but not necessarily as a shooter.

Crysis 3 gameplay video shows dangers of tall grass, alien archery

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We already know all about the claustrophobic confusion of hunting and fleeing space-squids in Crysis 3's overgrown vegetation, but Crytek's latest gameplay video shows us just how turned-around you can get when waging war in a lawnmower's worst nightmare. Crytek respectfully eschews distracting narration and time-consuming logo crawls in favor of over six minutes of pure, unfiltered gameplay. That's the best kind of trailer—where it shows what the players themselves will experience without added fluff. Crysis 3 releases February 19.

Next-gen consoles will struggle to beat PC, say industry insiders

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A number of industry insiders have suggested that the hardware underpinning the next generation of consoles is already some way behind that of the PC gaming rigs of today. And with the likes of GeForce Experience allowing tech-naive PC users to optimise their games at a click of a button, we could well see the consoles' advantage of a static development spec diminish, too.

Crysis 3's first Seven Wonders episode: grass, guns and gravelly voices

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EA have posted the first episode of the Albert Hughes directed Seven Wonders of Crysis 3. The video series has some lofty aims, with its promotional page on the Crysis 3 website using terms like "emotional stories" and "intensely human", which is a particularly flowery way of describing what is basically a game trailer.

Crytek: Free-to-play future "isn't mutually exclusive"

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Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli's enthusiasm for incorporating burgeoning free-to-play business models into the PC-melting Crysis franchise is about as strong as a nano-maxed punch. Like hunting space squids with a bow and arrow, though, such a marriage takes time. In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Yerli believed a free-to-play future "won't happen tomorrow" and Prophet-ized a peaceful coexistence between free and fee.

Crysis 3's release date announced

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We already know that Crytek wants Crysis 3 to "melt-down" PCs, that they have the system specs to bring about their computer cataclysm, and even which specific graphics options will facilitate the electronic end-times. What we didn't know is the date that the GPU Armageddon is due to occur. Until now. At an EA preview event, Crytek's Cevat Yerli announced the date of the nano-suited FPS. I've put it below the jump, because I'm a massive tease.

The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 puts a cinematic spin on the world of Crytek's high def shooter

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Crytek has teamed up with Albert Hughes, one half of the Hughes Brothers best known for directing The Book of Eli (penned, we might add, by former PC Gamer EIC Gary Whitta.) The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 is an in-engine cinematic story told in seven parts (who would have guessed?) aimed at showcasing the visual fidelity of the game and "setting the stage" for its story.