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Stop making horrible console ports - a guide

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Broken menus, wonky mouse controls, single figure framerates - this is the familiar story of PC gaming prowess held back by consoles. We understand why it happens: console-land was where the majority of sales were, and thus the focus of development. But that reasoning has never seemed, well, reasonable: a trashy console port can knock a chunk off your Metacritic rating, sour a huge potential audience against you forever and lose you loads of sales on a platform that can be extremely lucrative if only you know how to approach it.

Dark Souls won't be optimised for PC: “Strictly a port from the console version”

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Eurogamer have conducted an illuminating interview with Dark Souls producer Daisuke Uchiyama at E3. Sadly, it’s not good news. Dark Souls PC will still suffer from the technical issues that plagued the console versions, including the serious frame rate issues that affected certain sections of the game.

Oh dear.