Dark Souls won't be optimised for PC: “Strictly a port from the console version”

Dark Souls PC port fail

Eurogamer have conducted an illuminating interview with Dark Souls producer Daisuke Uchiyama at E3. Sadly, it's not good news. Dark Souls PC will still suffer from the technical issues that plagued the console versions, including the serious frame rate issues that affected certain sections of the game.

Oh dear.

"In terms of the PC version, the quick answer is no, [we won't be fixing the frame rate problems]. Because we wanted to get the PC version out as soon as possible,” said the producer.

“It's more strictly a port from the console version. We haven't been able to step up into doing any specific optimisation for PC.”

Daisuke told the website that time restraints and a lack of experience in PC ports is to blame: "To be completely honest, we're having a tough time doing it due to our lack of experience and knowledge in terms of porting to PC. First we thought it would be a breeze, but it's turned out not to be the case. We're still developing right now - we're crunching right now.”

From Software are bringing three new venues, four new bosses and additional weapons to the game in an attempt to compensate for the lack of optimisation.

Wow. My dreams of the definitive version of Dark Souls hitting PC on August 21st were just shattered. Porting framerate issues? Really? I appreciate that From Software might have encountered unexpected issues in development but I'd prefer a delayed release than a slightly shoddy one. And the threat of Games For Windows Live still lingers.

Petition time?