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Steam codes snafu gives some Dead Island: Riptide customers Dark Souls instead

Tom Sykes at

The Dead Island: Riptide is out, but it's come back in for some UK (and Nordic) customers who bought the game at retail. In place of the expansion/sequel type thing to the open world AAARRGGHH-PG, upon activating the game on Steam purchasers have been finding themselves with a shiny new copy of Dark Souls instead. It's a code-printing mixup that is apparently now solved, the codes now activating the correct game at installation. If you've already been affected, contact Steam support and they'll swap the Dark for the Dead - you know, if you still want it after all that.

Play Magicka for free on Steam this weekend

Henry Winchester at

‘Tis a grand weekend for indie gaming on Steam. In addition to the Super Meat Boy Pack, bonkers co-op RPG Magicka is free until 9pm on Sunday, and, yes, developers Arrowhead Game Studios have fixed most of the bugs. There’s also a wizard’s sleeve worth of offers on Steam, including Magicka itself for £1.99, a four-pack for you and three chums for £5.99, and the Magicka Collection - including all DLC - for £4.24. Magic!

Just go here to download it.

E3 2011: Neverwinter teaser trailer arrives, new site launched

Tom Senior at

Nothing says 'high fantasy RPG' better than a shot of an ancient tome burning away and a voice-over declaring "THIS CITY PROMISES DEATH FOR THE MEEK."

It's been a while since we heard anything about Neverwinter, and it seems to have slimmed down a bit in the interim. It's now referred to as a co-op action RPG, not an MMO. It's built on on D&D rules that'll have you and four friends (or NPC companions) grouping together to take on quests.

Cryptic promise a strong storyline, but also want players to be able to create their own adventures using an "extremely user friendly content generation system, tentatively named Forge." Cryptic developed similar tools, also called 'The Forge' for their Star Trek Online MMO. There's no solid release date for this one just yet. Check out the newly launched Neverwinter site for more.