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Star Citizen's crowdfunding total shoots past $50 million

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It takes a lot to make me pay attention to Star Citizen's funding total. It's like how if a black hole was inexorably growing at the edge of the solar system, you probably wouldn't check its progress towards the ultimate consumption of your reality. Not on a daily basis, at least.

Still, $50 million is the sort of milestone worth making note of. Unfortunately, we can't, as the game's crowdfunding total sped straight passed that number and into the paradoxically less notable $51 million. The game both raised and exceeded $50 million over this last Gamescom weekend, all thanks to the reveal of new videos and the sale of new ship package micro-transactions.

Star Citizen raises $48 million, future stretch goal promises "alien languages"

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Ah, I remember the days when Star Citizen's expanding warchest felt like a miraculous and important thing. "Gee willikers, mister," I'd write, my face yet to be blemished by months of deleting iOS press releases, "Star Citizen has raised $9 million!" "Wowzas!" I'd later exclaim, not yet driven pallid and sickly from the mysterious substance pouring out of PC Gamer's coffee machine, "$17 million is a lot of money!" Only a year later, and that growing total is no longer a surprise. It simply is—a universal constant that weathers the chaos and turmoil of indifferent mathematics.

Er, by which I mean Star Citizen has raised $48 million.

Star Citizen's first playable module arrives with backers next week

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Star Citizen backers are going to get their first taste of the game next week. Not that they'll be chomping on a large slice of galactic adventure, or even chewing a section of slowly roasted ship combat. Instead, they'll get to nibble tenderly at the hangar module - the first amuse-bouche that will eventually grow into a full space sim meal. Is it lunchtime yet?

Star Citizen crowdfunding still rising, surpasses $15 million

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It's the crowdfund that's reaching for the stars—Star Citizen has surpassed the $15 million mark according to a recent announcement on its official website. That's more than enough money to make a game that'd test the limits of even Chris Robert's PC. The site writes to the Star Citizen community: "ten years ago, big publishers decided space games weren’t profitable… and you are proving them very, very wrong."

How I Game: Chris Roberts — CEO, Cloud Imperium Games

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Chris Roberts is the creator of Wing Commander and CEO of Cloud Imperium, where he's leading the design of Star Citizen. He may not get much time to play games, but he sure as hell can make them.

Star Citizen: pledge your support by reserving an in-game spaceship

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If you couldn't tell from our chat with Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts yesterday, we're quite excited about his latest project, the wildly ambitious Star Citizen. To recap, it's a persistent multiplayer space sim, with a single-player campaign that goes by a different name (Squadron 42). If any of those words make you want to throw money at your screen, you can now do so at Star Citizen's Kickstarter-esque pledge page.