Chris Sigaty

Blizzard: bringing eSports onto TV will appeal to mainstream audience

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StarCraft II Lead Producer Chris Sigaty has both an epic mane of hair and quite strong opinions on the future of eSports. In an interview with Eurogamer, he insists eSports "absolutely can" emerge as a powerful component of American mainstream media, and he suggests a possible winning format for that accomplishment lies in reality-show style TV programs.

Interview: Blizzard's Chris Sigaty on the future of Starcraft II

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Chris Sigaty is StarCraft II's lead producer, and rhythm guitarist in Blizzard house band The Artists Formerly Known As Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain. His business cards are lengthy and hairy. I interviewed him the other day about StarCraft II's launch, its first patch, and the game's future. Here's what he said.

Blizzard on Starcraft II 1.2 patch, Zerg balance issues

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On Wednesday, Blizzard deployed the first major balancing patch for Starcraft II, swinging the nerfbat at supposed Terran dominance. Already, the Starcraft II team are planning their next update, which as Chris Sigaty, Starcraft II’s lead producer explains, “we’d like it out by the end of the year.” Read on to discover what's on the table.

No Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm at Blizzcon

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The second part of the Starcraft II trilogy will not be shown at Blizzard’s fan festival this October, says Starcraft II lead designer, Chris Sigaty. Speaking to PC Gamer, Chris explained that the next game won’t be on display, or shown. There is hope - a story panel the Blizzard team are planning might answer some of your questions, but don't expect to know what happens to Kerrigan and the gang.