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Whore of the Orient image and first details tease Shanghai setting

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LA Noire creator Brendan McNamara announced his new project, Whore of the Orient, back in November. A few precious flakes of fresh information have landed on the Whore of the Team Bondi site, including a blurb that fills in a bit of background.

1936 Shanghai is the setting, described in the fresh front page text as "the most corrupt and decadent city on the planet, where anything can be had or done for the right price."

Mad Max: Fury Road game in the works, according to director George Miller

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When I was 14 years old, I sat down on a Sunday and watched two films back to back: Mad Max, and Akira. I lay awake that night until 4am, in a cold sweat, convinced there would be some kind of apocalyptic scenario which would result in everyone furiously driving fast cars and motorbikes.

Both films would prove instrumental in the games that followed - Fallout’s dusty vision of a radiated America seems particularly inspired by Mad Max, minus the vehicular combat. Max is returning to the cinema screens in Fury Road, and during this very interesting interview with Australian Financial Review - linked by Kotaku - director George Miller says he wants to do a Mad Max game, too.

“After resisting the impulse for years, and watching imitators clean up, Miller is now finally going to make Mad Max, the game,” says the article. The game was originally going to be made in Sweden (we guess Just Cause 2 developers Avalanche Studios would be the perfect fit) until Miller met LA Noire creator Brendan McNamara, who seems to be working on the game.

Whore of the Orient is the new game from L.A. Noire's director

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Depending on who you talk to, LA Noire was either a compelling masterpiece or a grand folly. One thing’s for sure, though; its creator Brendan McNamara had an ambitious idea for a game and followed it through.

His next game seems to be taking a similar retro-tact to LA Noire. According to Kotaku, it’s “one of the great untold stories of the 20th century.” Oh yeah, it’s also called Whore of the Orient - but we’re not sure how long that name will stick before a concerned parent makes them change it to “Chinese Detective Story”.