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Stardock CEO confirms Star Control reboot is a prequel, will include multiplayer

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Waiting for a reboot of one of your favorite franchises can be emotionally draining. Will it reignite an old flame like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, or defile your memory of it like SimCity? Stardock CEO Brad Wardell knows you're probably really stressed out about the Star Control reboot he's been working on for the past six months, but it's cool—he said a bunch of things in an interview with Ars Techinca that should calm you down. Most importantly, he said that reboot will be a prequel and that it will include a multiplayer mode. "We plan to start the game around 2112 with aliens first contacting the Earthlings and the formation of Star Control," Wardell says.

Interview: Derek Paxton, Stardock's new head of games development

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Stardock Entertainment has just announced that Fallen Enchantress producer/designer Derek Paxton, who will take over as vice president of games development and production. Stardock CEO Brad Wardell will remain with the company, shifting his focus toward the software and business side of the operation. We had a chance to chat with Derek about his time in the industry so far, what kinds of changes he'd like to see, and what's next for Stardock.

Stardock to announce two new games this year, create investment fund to help new studios

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It's a little-known fact that CEOs love writing reports. The whole reason that many companies become publicly traded is so their CEOs can spend their time writing endless reports for shareholders. For Stardock boss Brad Wardell, this poses a problem: as the head of a private company, there's no-one to report to. Rather than forlornly wandering the corridors of Stardock HQ, bothering staff with pie charts, he's instead decided to scratch that report itch by drafting a frank and honest address to their customers. In it, he talks about the company's performance over the last year, and hints at what they're planning next.

Stardock founder on the future of RTS. (Hint: It's not death)

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The smoke from Evan and T.J.'s epic Face Off over the future of the RTS genre still hazes the office like the diesel fumes of a tank rush, but we're already reading the thoughts of other industry members chiming in on the matter. In a blog post, Stardock founder Brad Wardell claims the demand for RTS games still exists—it's just pent up from the wait "the adoption of the hardware to implement the next-generation RTS designs."

Stardock admits Elemental "wasn't adequate enough," offers owners free Fallen Enchantress

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If you consult your nearest time-sundering crystal ball, you'll recall Stardock releasing the infamously panned Elemental: War of Magic, a turn-based fantasy strategy yarn, in 2010. Atrocious bugs, befuddling AI, and half-finished mechanics even caused us to issue a warning to wait for patch fixes before reaching for your wallet. The release of Fallen Enchantress earlier this week represented Stardock's tabula-rasa restart of Elemental, and in a letter sent to his customers, CEO Brad Wardell offered a free copy for War of Magic owners, writing, "We failed to deliver the game we said we were going to deliver."

Elemental devs giving away sequel to "show fans we've learned from our mistakes"

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Speaking at GDC today, President of Stardock, Brad Wardell, has announced that the company are giving away their sequel to Elemental, Elemental: Fallen Enchantress as compensation for the original game's disastrous launch. The sequel will be free to anyone who bought Elemental before October 31, 2010.

Elemental launch was "catastrophic poor judgment"

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Speaking on the official Stardock forums, Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock has revealed that the problems associated with Elemental's disastrous launch were nothing to do with the game being pushed out the door early. In fact, Wardell says that releasing a game early is "an easy thing for a company to 'fix'... If the game had come out in February, it would still have been a disastrous launch because lack of time wasn't the issue." Wardell says he had his "head in the sand."

The full post, below, makes for extraordinary reading.