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Strike Suit Zero review

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In 2299, mankind has settled among the stars, multiplying to colonise planets that just a few decades ago it could only dream of reaching. It’s all thanks to The Signal, a mysterious transmission that gave Earth the recipe for interstellar travel. But with humanity spread throughout space, decentralised across a new frontier, fractures ripped apart the ranks and aggressive splinter groups emerged to contest Earth’s right to rule. This is where Strike Suit Zero finds its conflict, a deep-space-civil-war shooter looking to resurrect the long-dead-likes of Freelancer and X-Wing through zero-gravity combat and 360° battlefields.

Strike Suit Zero Kickstarter campaign ends; release date confirmed for January

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Strike Suit Zero: bringing mech suits and massive space battles to Kickstarter

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Hoban "Wash" Washburn's "I am a leaf on the wind" mantra became one of the most memorable lines uttered by a fictional space pilot when Alan Tudyk screamed it in the midst of Serenity's climactic space battle. It captures the essence of what it should feel like to be trapped in a tiny fighter. You're a gnat. You're a tiny bundle of matter trying to steer safe passage through a tumultuous storm of plasma and flame.

I got that feeling watching recent videos of Strike Suit Zero, an indie space shooter that hit Kickstarter last week. It puts you in a mech/fighter hybrid and throws you into intergalactic warzones full of duelling capital ships and swarms of angry fighters. I got in touch with lead designer Chris Redden to ask: can I be a leaf on the wind? Please?

Strike Suit Zero hits Kickstarter, with mechs and spaceships in tow

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If you feel that you've not quite kickstarted enough projects lately - perhaps you've discovered some money down the back of the sofa, or you've recently sold a kidney - then, as Michael Parkinson would say, you might want to take a look at this. Strike Suit Zero is a Wing Commander/Freelancer-inspired space combat game with transformable ships and mechs - and it's looking abso-bloody-lutely amazing.