BitTorrent study suggests game piracy not as rampant as some have claimed

T.J. Hafer at

We've heard a lot of numbers thrown around relating to game piracy—everyone from the ESA to Crytek has put figures out there, usually suggesting that the problem is larger than we might think. An academic paper published recently tells a different story, however. Using state of the art BitTorrent tracking software, the new data obtained has led Aalborg University researcher Anders Drachen to conclude: "the numbers in our investigation suggest that previously reported magnitudes in game piracy are too high."

Face Off: Is it ethical to pirate a game you've already paid for?

PC Gamer at

In this week's Face Off debate, T.J. climbs the mast with a cutlass in his teeth to proclaim that if a company already has its share of his plunder, he should be able to recover his lost booty in whatever way is most expedient. Please, no more booty analogies, says Logan, who believes that piracy is gross, even when you might be entitled to the thing you’re pirating, and prefers that we don't hasten the collapse of civilization by participating in it.

CD Projekt RED: sending letters to Witcher 2 pirates "wasn't the best choice"

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CD Projekt RED's DRM-free policy has made The Witcher 2 a popular target for piracy, and the studio is well-aware. Though it maintains its anti-DRM stance, in 2011 it briefly tracked down holders of pirated Witcher 2 copies and sent legal notices requesting compensation. CDP has since stopped the practice and apologized, something I spoke to PR Specialist Agnieszka Szóstak about yesterday.