Battlefield 3 banned in Iran

Henry Winchester at

EA’s popular face shooter Battlefield 3 has been banned in Iran. The game includes a fictionalised US assault on Iran’s capital Tehran, where many men must be shot in the face. Unfortunately, this has angered the Iranian government, and the game has been declared illegal, according to AFP.

Battlefield 3 has never been officially released in Iran as EA has no resellers there, but shops do sell pirated copies of the game. The ban marks the first time a game has been declared illegal, with police raiding shops and arresting owners, according to a local shop owner.

EA responds to forum ban fiasco, promises "more equitable rules" going forward

Nathan Grayson at

I don't think anyone's ever held up gaming forums as bastions of sanity and rational thought, but EA's current forum policy is a bit, well, bonkers. Recently, multiple users alleged that they'd been unceremoniously booted from their Origin accounts - as in, the games that they purchased - for various acts of rabble-rousing on the forums. One even received an indisputable lifetime ban for quoting the word "e-peen."

Surely, though, there's a method to the madness, right? Well, er...