Mini-motherboards: the shape of things to come?

Dave James at

So motherboard makers ECS have just announced their new mini-ITX motherboard introducing the AMD Kabini platform to the desktop masses. It’s got a soldered-on SoC (system-on-a-chip) AMD A6-5200, housing four 28nm Jaguar cores and the Radeon HD 8400 Graphics Core Next GPU.

With a whole suite of expansion opportunities in this tiny mobo footprint too is this motherboard the shape of our future PCs? Of course not, after all who would be crazy enough to build a mid-level gaming PC using just AMD Jaguar cores? Oh, hold on a second

But this has still gotten me thinking about the future of the desktop PC and whether we really need to have those chunky ATX mobos anymore.

Lian Li launches littlest (ATX) mobo, lovely for LANs

Adam Oxford at

What with all these new sub-30nm, highly power efficient processor designs from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA launching lately, the days of the big box PC must surely be behind us. Why set aside all that space for internal airflow and cooling when you can pack everything closer together and still get Battlefield 3 running at more than 60 frames per second?

Which is why next PC might well look like this: Lian Li's latest case, the PC-V700.